Spring Care Tips for Lavender

Building An Organic Compost Pit With The Help Of Leaf Mulchers

Organic vegetables seem to be the rage nowadays. With people realizing that their health translates to wealth, they are learning to watch the way they eat. That is why organic farming is a growing industry. Organic farming does not need to be elaborate. You don’t have to have a state of the art farm complete with hydroponic technology and all those newfangled machines. All you really need are your seeds, great soil, great organic pesticide, not to mention great organic fertilizer that work. While your seeds’ genetics may be something you won’t have great control over, neither your soil, your pesticides and fertilizers are something that you could figure out the best formula for. And with that, we find great use for leaf mulchers.

Creating Breathtaking And Elegant Hydrangea Flower Arrangements

How do I love hydrangeas? Let me count the ways… Or just do a Google Images search and oooh and ahh at all the pretty hydrangea pictures that I can find. Hydrangeas are flowers that come in panicles or corymbs, or to make it simpler, flowerheads. These are clumps of flowers that group together to form a natural bouquet of sorts. Among the flowers that create these natural bouquets include the lilac, the hydrangea, the hawthorn, the ixora and even the rowan. Among the most symmetrical flowers that create these natural bouquets are the ixora (otherwise known as santan or the West Indian jasmine) and the hydrangea. But the more breathtaking-to-behold sister is undoubtedly the hydrangea. Hydrangeas are gentle beauties, and that makes them the best choice for hydrangea flower arrangements.

Fulvic Acid Combined With Humic Acid Equals Incredible Results

Fulvic comes from the word fulvus and means yellow. Fulvic acids are light yellow to golden-brown in color. Fulvic Acid is immensely important for rigorous and healthy plant growth. It is one of the most basic minerals but many growers are unaware of its importance. As a result, their plants never reach their full potential.

Advantages of a Drain to Waste System

Indoor gardeners who want to prevent diseases often use a system called drain to waste. In this type of set up, instead of recirculating nutrients after they’ve been run through your system, you simply let them drain into a bucket.

Guidelines In Composing An Elegant Hydrangea Flower Arrangement

Flowers always bring a smile to anyone’s face. Man, woman or child, nobody can deny the arresting beauty of flowers. That’s why women melt at the sight of them, men have warm fuzzy feelings shopping for them for the women of their lives, and children squeal and giggle when they get to see them. Hydrangeas are no exception to the enticing nature of flowers. With their natural structure, they are more suited to creating breathtaking hydrangea flower arrangements, as you can have them in flowerhead clumps, or have individual, delicate stalks taken and incorporated with other blooms.

Lavender – Why Every Garden Has This Beneficial Plant

The Lavender, or Lavendula, is seen in almost every cottage garden. It will also be found in the gardens of herbalists and everyone who is aware of how useful it is. There is a good reason for this. Not only does this plant attract various species of butterfly throughout the summer, it also attracts other insects, including beneficial hoverflies, moths, Bumble and Honey Bees as well as Ladybirds.

Heirloom Tomato Seeds – Why Use Them and How To Save Your Own

Information about heirloom tomato seeds and how to save them for growing tomatoes from your own seeds the following tomato growing season. There are steps that need to be taken to ensure a successful crop of tomato seedlings.

Top 5 Easy To Implement Greenhouse Construction Plans

When it comes to finding free greenhouse plans the internet is flooded with them. There are so very many that it is often confusing trying to decide which ones to build. The green house you ultimately choose will depend on the types of plants you are trying to cultivate.

Buddleja – Why Every Garden Should Grow This Plant

The Buddleja (or Buddleia) is commonly known as the Butterfly Bush. This is for good reason, as this plant attracts various varieties of butterfly throughout the summer months. It also attracts a host of other beneficial insects, including hoverflies, Ladybirds, moths, Bumble and Honey Bees.

Nature Gardens – Ten Herbs to Attract Honey Bees

The European Honey Bee is the main species of Honey Bee you will see in the United Kingdom, although you can also see the two subspecies in our gardens – The Italian Bee and the European Dark Bee. It is the older worker bee that will often be seen foraging around for nectar and pollen. This female Honey Bee will also be looking for water and sticky plant resin to take back to the hive to help repair it.

Broccoli Gardening – How To Effortlessly Grow Broccoli in Your Garden

The members of the Brassica family of vegetables, of which Broccoli is one, have been shown to produce a enzyme called sulforaphane, which can aid in the fight against cancer. It may seem like a simple thing to include more Broccoli’s in your diet, alas that would be easy if the price of fresh produce had not recently went through the roof. Broccoli is a vegetable that grows best in milder temperatures.

Nature Gardens – Ten Plants to Attract Honey Bees

There is one main species and two subspecies of Honey Bee that are seen in the United Kingdom. The European Honey Bee is the main species, whilst the Italian Bee and the European Dark Bee are the subspecies.

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