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Synthetic Grass – The Benefits Over Natural Grass

There are benefits to having synthetic grass as opposed to natural grass. A few of the benefits are maintenance, appearance, and cost. Synthetic grass has little to no maintenance and can be used everywhere in any condition or environment whereas natural grass cannot say the same.

It’s a Jungle Out There

In light of the rumoured approaching summer, and with the hope of warmer weather ahead, I present to you this week a list of tropical plants suitable for a metropolitan environment. City gardens often suffer, not just because of space restrictions or local conditions, but more commonly through lack of imagination. With a little planning you can have your own urban jungle, but of the green kind!

Aquaponics – The Importance of pH Levels and Water Quality

Water quality is one of the most important things in having a successful aquaponic system. There are several factors that need to work along with each other to create a perfect water environment. Water quality is high priority in insuring the healthy growth of both fish and plant life. Alkalinity, ammonia, bacteria levels, nitrate, nitrite, oxygen levels, pH, source, and temperature are all factors that when out of balance can cause a water quality to drop to harmful conditions for both fish and plant life.

Trees Tolerant of Partial Shade

Deciduous trees are well-known for providing shade, while growing and thriving in the sun they serve to shield us from. Some varieties of deciduous trees fare much better growing in the shade provided by these monstrous hardwood shade trees.

How to Care For an Orchid Today

If you want to care for an orchid right away the proper knowledge must be obtained by you for all your orchid growing. The only way that you can fail at growing these amazing flowers is if you don’t have the proper information to do so. These flowers are incredibly easy to grow despite what others are saying about these incredible flowers.

Lavender – 10 Facts About This Interesting Plant

Lavender has been around in different guises since ancient times. Both the ancient Greeks and the Romans understood the value of Lavender, as both a flower and herb. It has even been mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, in the Song of Solomon. Here are ten interesting facts about this wonderful plant.

Vital Caring Tips For Bamboo Plants

Bamboo plants are a really low maintenance, but you do have to take care with them. Bamboo grows in thick shaded groves and thrives in water and sunlight will not kill them. Like the fern a single Bamboo will replicate itself and because of its vociferous root system it can easily choke out other plants.

Greenhouse Materials – What Are the Options?

There are many items that can be used as Greenhouse Materials. The decision of which to use in a build can be simplified if they are broken down into the following categories: Frame, Glazing and Foundation. Even with breaking it down into these three groups there are still a lot of options to choose from in completing greenhouses construction.

Add Attraction to Your Garden by Placing Wonderful Orchids

Of the many floral species, Orchids have an ability to draw attention where ever they bloom. They are perfect choice for presenting someone during occasions like anniversaries, birthday parties and other special days.

The Hottest Flowers This Spring

Whether you are planning a traditional wedding or a nontraditional wedding, planning your prom date or just shopping for a gift for that special someone, most likely it will include flowers. Let’s examine the current trends in Spring flowers.

Ficus Benjamina Bonsai – Caring Guide

Many people feel it is an easy task to care for such a unique and special plant such as the Ficus Benjamina Bonsai. Now of course caring for this type of tree should be no different from Bonsai plants in general, in fairness this statement is correct, however many green finger, or hobby enthusiast assumes they can just purchase a tree water it every now and then and that’s it.

Gardening Care – How to Prevent Gardening Insects and Health Conditions

A healthful herb garden is composed of plants which have been free of garden bugs and diseases. You can easily accomplish lots of things to maintain the plant life stay in fit. A way you can do is to get the right collection of vegetables.

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