Start Seeds With Us: Late Summer & Fall Planting Ideas!

Attracting Birds to a New Bird Feeder

When you first hang up bird feeders in your garden you may be disappointed that they do not start attracting wild birds straight away. This is quite normal as birds will often take some time to get used to your feeders. Although you may be lucky and see birds at your feeder within minutes of hanging it up you will usually have to wait a few days or even sometimes weeks.

Rose Meanings – The Red Rose

The red rose is the most common used rose. It is a symbol of love, passion and respect. Valentines Day and Anniversaries would not exist without this beautiful flower.

The Ceramic Pots Look Stunning and Completely Fits in Your Decor

If plants are placed in attractive pots, it can enhance you garden set up and beautify your garden area. There are many people who go to the nursery gardens and purchase plants and due to lack of time, they simply keep them in the given nursery pots.

Sharpening Garden Tools – Don’t Be Dull

Keeping your garden tools clean and sharp protects them and helps them last much longer. Sharp tools work better and are better for your plants. A dull tool can cause damage to plants as you work; but when kept sharp, it will perform clean cuts with little damage to the plants.

Greenhouse, Vegetables and Fruit in Early November

In the greenhouse, partly open the top ventilators for a few hours during the day when the weather is mild and shut them when very cold or foggy. A temperature of 12°-15°C (which is 54°-59°F during the day), then falling to 7°-8°C, (which is 45°-46°F at night), should be the aim of every responsible greenhouse owner. All glass should be cleaned so that full light is available on dark days.

Tips That Take the Mystery Out of Rose Planting

In real estate the most important consideration is “location, location, location!” It is no different in rose planting. With that in mind the place where you plant your roses has a lot to do with successful rose planting.

Drip Irrigation System – Masterpiece For Agriculture

You all might be familiar with what exactly the drip irrigation is. It is the process in which you water the plants drop by drop. So it is also known as trickle irrigation.

Used Garden Tools – A Must For Any Gardener

Gardening is one of the few hobbies that can be enjoyable to individuals at all different skill levels. No matter how experienced a gardener is, there are always projects and creative ideas that can be incorporated into a small or large yard.

The Garden Claw Family of Time and Back Saving Products

For years The Garden Claw has been the fact saving wonder tool that cultivates, aerates, weeds and loosens soil effortlessly for millions of appreciative gardening enthusiasts. This amazing, ergonomic gardening tool has been around for several years and has now evolved into more than one time-saving garden product.

Are Steel Garden Tools Worth It?

Many extreme gardening enthusiasts are very particular about the tools that they own and use on a regular basis, and this often means that they are willing to pay a higher price for quality. However, the majority of homeowners simply select the cheapest product on the market and often wonder if it really makes a difference if their garden tools are in fact made of steel.

Discover Antique Roses

Antique roses, also named Victorian Roses, are said to be strong survivors and the most fragrant of the roses. The expression antique applies obviously to its history. An antique of any kind, even so, will catch a collector’s eye. What better to put near a museum, which houses antiques, than a flowering plant also named antique? Antiques of all kinds have gained in popularity over the years. It makes sense that a flower with similar name, would gain as well.

How to Grow Greenhouse Tomatoes

Want to pick succulent tomatoes from June to October? Growing your tomato plants in a greenhouse is the answer. tomatoes are not the easiest vegetable to grow, and by growing them in the protected environment of a greenhouse, you can eliminate many of the common problems you might otherwise face. Learn how to choose the best types and the method of growing them that will ensure you have a healthy and bountiful crop of tomatoes.

Gardening to Relieve Stress

Nearly all of us garden because we want to raise our own fruit and veggies. An attractive landscape or curb appeal might be the purpose of others. Gardening, in spite of what form, can likewise be therapeutic. For many people gardening relaxes the mind, body and spirit. Actually, it is not gardening that’s relaxing but the way that we approach it.

Planting Rose Bushes to Get Beautiful Roses

Follow these tips on planting rose bushes to get abundant beautiful roses. When you purchase your rose plant get the 2 year old plant rather then the one year old. The 2 year old is more mature and will give abundant roses this season and after all that’s why you are buying the plant in the first place to have an abundance of roses.

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