Start Seeds With Us: Seedling Mixes, Varieties, and Special Tips

Artificial Outdoor Plants Are Safe For Children

We all know that children have inquisitive minds, which is why parents have to be careful with what they have in the home and garden. Plants in Britain aren’t necessarily poisonous, but some are highly recommended for use in an area where children, and indeed pets, don’t roam. For this reason, many parents are embracing the idea of artificial outdoor plants instead, since these are the maintenance free, safe option for children and pets alike.

How About a Butterfly Garden?

Butterflies tend to add to the color and beauty of a garden. Because of this, you may be interested in creating a garden that is designed to attract more butterflies. These are known as butterfly gardens, and there are a few special things that you need to know about, in order to create the perfect haven for the butterflies that you want to attract.

Beautiful Winter Garden Ideas

Most gardeners who plant and enjoy their gardens during the spring, summer, and fall, have a certain dread for the wintertime, and the effects that cold weather, and even snow, will have on the overall beauty of their gardens. For lack of a better description, everything just looks drab and dead during the winter.

Growing Trees is Something That Many of Us Do

It is extremely important that trees get replaced when they are cut down and many companies replace the trees they cut by planting 3 smaller ones. The majority of individuals are of the mind that we cannot cut them all down and just hope that it will have no effect on our environment. Growing trees is something that many of us do either as a pass time or occupation, but I have found that it is not as straightforward as it may appear to be.

Fertilizers For Roses

Rose fertilizing is crucial for healthy, blooming plants. Begin at planting and feed plants on a regular schedule.

Vegetable Garden Layout Varieties

If you’re planning to start making your own vegetable garden, then it’s best to choose a layout from different varieties. Nowadays, you need not follow the traditional way of laying out your plants. There are a variety of layouts to choose from; surely there is one that will fit your style.

Are You Also Puzzled As to When the Right Time is to Plant?

Being new to gardening, I frequently find myself being puzzled as to when the right time would be to plant certain garden plants and foliage. Many seasoned gardeners will probably tell you from experience as to when the right time is to plant, but these recommendations are sometimes confusing or more often than not plain paradoxical. The problem I have is working out whether to wait until there is no possibility of heavy rainfall or frost occurring.

Garden Pests – How to Deal With Pests in Your Garden

Garden pests include insects, birds, and gophers amongst other things. These pests can ruin your garden in different ways and can also be difficult to get rid of. Learn how to control the pests in your garden and keep your plants looking healthy.

Simple Ideas to Start an Organic Garden

Having a garden at home can be great for your lawn. When you plant colorful flowers, it makes your landscaping more beautiful. Aside from that, this is an opportunity for you to grow your own supplies. You can have the freshest dishes when you are able to plant fruits and vegetables.

How to Protect an Indoor Herb Garden From Indoor Pets

Parsley, thyme, garlic, and many other herbs are grown indoors and used in cooking. You want the convenience and year round benefits and beauty of an indoor herb garden, but you also have indoor pets. Pets like herb plants. They like to chew on the leaves, and they love to dig in the dirt. How can you have the indoor herb garden that you desire, and still enjoy your indoor pets as well?

How to Make Time For Gardening

You work all week and come home exhausted. On the weekends, you have lengthy to-do lists. You are taking care of the kids and giving them the time and attention that wasn’t possible during the week. You are taking care of the laundry, the cleaning, and running errands. Who in the world has time to start or maintain a garden?

How to Adjust Your pH Hydroponics System

If you’re wondering how pH levels can be adjusted in a hydroponic garden, then this article may contain the information that you need. Adjusting the pH in the hydroponic system is not exactly rocket science. You just have to keep in mind the basic idea that you have to avoid the extremes for your pH hydroponics setup.

Advanced Nutrients For Your Hydroponics Garden

Make your hydroponics garden a blooming success and enjoy tasty fruits and veggies all year long. Hydroponic gardening is just a matter of taking your time to research all the different nutrients available.

Tomato Growing Tips – 4 Crawling Pest Barrier Strategies

Crawling pests can be the headache of home tomato gardeners, but there are ways and means to help control them. One important factor is that these controls need to be implemented when the tomatoes are being planted, not once the pests have become a problem. The strategies we mention are all done either before planting or at the time of planting.

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