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Why Use Organic Fertilizers?

Because of the many advantages organic fertilizers offer the gardener, plants can grow into healthy and high-yielding crops. They provide nutrients, fight off and prevent disease and facilitate the production of delicious foods.

Lighting For Indoor Plants

Lighting is very important for the growth of any plant. There might not be all that much concern for plants which are grown in your outdoor garden because they have light from the sun shining down almost everyday, but lighting becomes a huge problem for plants which are grown inside your home. If you are unable to place you plants in South Or West facing windows you will need to use artificial lighting. Let us look at some of the key facts concerning the lighting for your indoor plants.

Some Tips in Using Your Garden Design to Its Fullest

Do your creative juices overflow most of the time? Are you interested in flowers and other plants? Are you willing to handle some dirt and sweat? Do you want everything in a “do-it-yourself” or DIY style?

The Potting Shed For Potting Plants

Have you gotten tired of bending on your knees or sitting on the ground trying to pot new seeds? Are you tired of spilling the bag of compost or the bag of fertilizer or the special mixes that you like to use to plant new plants or to repot your larger plants? Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a potting shed for potting plants.

4 Simple Steps to Improve Soil in Your Landscape

It doesn’t matter if you live in the ideal climate or have an ultimate green thumb. Not many species of plants will thrive if your soil medium isn’t right. My article will cover the essential ingredient of successful gardening; soil conditioning.

Zippy Zucchinis!

Don’t you just love these plants! The speed with which they grow, the versatile meals that they help make. It was a love affair from the start with these plants. We started growing them over 30 years ago, and have done so ever since.

Small Hydroponic Greenhouse Gardening

Gardening inside greenhouses has already been proven to yield good harvest, but if you use hydroponics in a greenhouse, the benefits are multiplied. Hydroponic greenhouse system allows you to harvest double or even triple the amount you would harvest using the same area through conventional planting system.

Four Tips to Make Your Garden More “Green”

Vegetable gardeners have been going green long before it was main stream to do so, and no I am talking about making the plants greener in color or your neighbors green with envy. I can remember way back in the 70s when I would help my dad with his soil as he would bury our leftovers in his garden. When I asked him why, he told me that worms eat the leftovers and turn it into nutrients that the vegetable plants love.

What Problems Does a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Solve?

Many people face problems when it comes to growing your own vegetables. See how creating a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden can solve your problems of vegetable gardening.

Composting Made Easy – How to Start a Successful Compost Pile

Free up your trashcan by composting household waste. These easy steps will allow you to create a successful compost pile with ease.

Preparing For a Summer Garden

After a long harsh winter, springtime is time to rejuvenate your garden and make sure it is ready for the time of year when you use it the most, summer. Owners of the best kept lawns know that work starts well before the sunshine begins.

Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About Tomatoes

For many years the tomato was classified as a vegetable. Not for scientific reasons, but for reasons that simply made sense. Most fruits you simply pick up and eat, such as an apple or an orange, but as for the tomato, not many pick up a beefsteak or big boy hybrid and start munching, my wife excluded, she loves to eat tomatoes.

Top 10 Tips For a Successful Garden

These 10 top tips for a successful garden are not in any order, except for the first. 1. Soil Preparation This is the very foundation of a successful garden.

Gardening and Potential Risk

The joy of gardening are now shared by many garden enthusiast and is quickly becoming one of the top hobbies you can do at home. It is reported that as many as 70% of household have engaged in some form of gardening the past year, and thus if you too are interested in picking it up, you might be interested in learning some tips to get yourself prepared to avoid future problems in your garden.

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