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Top Secrets of Herb Gardening For Beginners

Herb gardening for beginners is a great way to get started with your garden. Many people do not have much experience or confidence when it comes to gardening.

Lawn Weeds – How to Eliminate Grass Weeds So You Can Have a Thick, Healthy Lawn Everyone Will Admire

Lawn weeds come in three types, each requiring a different method for control. These weeds are grassy, grass-like and broad-leaf. Grassy weeds are technically grasses such as Tall Fescue that grows among Kentucky Bluegrass or Bermuda.

6 Easy Tips For Growing Herbs Indoors

If the thought of growing herbs indoors intimidates you, rest assured herbs are pretty easy to grow. Once you learn the basics of planting and caring for your herb garden, it should be relatively easy to maintain. Even for those who are convinced they don’t have a green thumb, here are 6 easy tips for growing herbs indoors:

Tomato Information – The Basics to Any Tomato Garden

Planting tomatoes is a must for any gardener. It can hard to choose which varieties to plant and when you should plant them. How much sunlight is really needed and what thing do you need to know to have the best home grown tomato garden. The growing tomato information here will give you the basics and tell you where to begin in your outdoor garden.

Lawn Care and Maintenance

Depending on the time of year, the amount of water needed by your lawn will vary. If it’s quite warm you might need to water your new lawn every day, but in mid-winter every second or third day may be sufficient.

How to Build a Cheap Greenhouse That Performs Beautifully

Is it possible to build a cheap greenhouse that actually works well? I think a lot of people have this preconceived notion that in order to make a greenhouse of their own requires spending a large chunk of money. They see the greenhouse kits that are available in their local garden centers or online to purchase, and they can very pricey (1,500 – 5,000 is the general range). Or they think that hiring a contractor is best way to go, but that is usually even more expensive.

Container Gardening and Blossoming Ideas For Beauty

You’d love to do some container gardening but don’t have any great ideas. Or you don’t even (yet) know what container gardening is all about, but have heard positive things from friends. Well, don’t let that stop you. Container gardening ideas are as plentiful as your imagination.

Snake Plants Have Beautiful Leaves That Provide Year Round Color to Your Home Or Garden

The snake plant has year round green foliage that adds a nice touch to your homes decor. When grown outdoors it creates a striking focal point no matter where it’s planted.

The 3 Most Common Hydrangea Flowers Perfect For Hydrangea Bouquets

One of the most recognizable and memorable flowers of the summer season is the gorgeous endless summer hydrangea. These hydrangea flowers are from quite hardy perennial plants that survive the cold winter temperatures to put on a spectacular show throughout the entire summer season.

Prayer Plant – Best Method to Grow and Care For a Prayer Plant

The prayer plant is also known as the Ten Commandments. It is a houseplant that simply is beautiful before and after it blooms. Coming from Africa, Brazil and Asia, the plants leaves are decorated with dark patches between its veins.

5 Tips on How to Grow Upside Down Tomatoes

It is great to see so many people that want to grow upside down tomatoes. There is not just one reason either. Some people have a limited area to have a garden, some city dwellers no soil or poor soil, others live where codes frown on it and the list goes on. So for whatever reason you have decided you are not alone in your desire to grow fresh tomatoes.

Backyard Landscape – Small Garden Design Does Not Need to Be Complicated

Designing your own garden does not have to be all that hard. It can be as hard, or as simple, as you would like. Here are a couple of tips on how to simplify your design tasks.

Plant Care and Maintenance

Now that you have all these beautiful new plants in your garden it must be remembered that new plants require a little more love than well established plants. If you have a watering system, we recommend watering every second day for the first few months.

What Are Some Apartment Garden Options That Fit in Tight Spaces?

Living in the city often means living in apartments which doesn’t often mix with a yard and growing fresh flowers or produce. However, did you know that you can do just that? Read this article to discover how.

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