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Frugal Gardening Tips

Find some gardening tips to save money on plants, garden planters and have fun at the same time. Decorate your garden for less money.

Thai and African Blue Basil Love the Sun

All varieties of basil love warm weather and moisture and are perennials in the right climates. In northern or colder climates, basil is an annual due to the shorter growing season, but is truly a perennial. Thai and African Blue basil can be raised year around, even in colder climates by bringing the plants inside for the colder months and providing plenty of light and moisture. By extending the growing season for basil, cooks can delight the palates of their guests or families year around with fresh basil.

Raising Cilantro For Your Kitchen

Cilantro is an excellent herb to keep in your kitchen, because it has both medicinal and culinary uses. The pungent, lemon flavor of cilantro, or coriander, adds to the flavor recipes containing lentils, fish, and vegetables. Cilantro is frequently used to flavor Asian and Mexican dishes. Cilantro is also used medically by holistic healers such as in Ayurvedic medicine to reduce blood pressure.

Growing Miniature Roses is Great For Kids

Growing miniature roses is fun and exciting. It puts a small spin on a great flower. The roses are no different from your other plants, but they are bred and trained to remain true to their name. They come in a variety of species and colors, so there is sure to be a miniature rose for anyone who wants them.

A Vegetable Gardening Guide Can Prove to Be Your Friend and Mentor

Whenever you are involved in vegetable gardening, there is a possibility that you probably experienced one of the most pleasurable pastimes such as walking through your garden and pick a handful of your very own produces. However, an even better experience would be to also have the opportunity to cook your own homegrown vegetables and serve them for your family members to enjoy – maybe you could even make it a weekly routine if possible!

Roma Tomato Plants – When You Ought to Grow Them

One interesting part about the time when you should grow roma tomato plants is that a whole lot of folks are actually surprised to learn the truth. Contrary to what you may possibly believe, roma tomato plants could be grown all year long if you offer them the correct growing environment.

The Benefits of Growing a Roma Tomato

There are many benefits of growing a Roma tomato but the most sought after benefits are those that maintain good health or increase your health. The best part of knowing this is that this information does not only relate to the Roma tomato but also other types of tomatoes. The differences between the various tomatoes are not large and it is usually just their physical appearance that is different. Their chemical makeup is pretty much the same so they all give you the same benefit.

How to Grow Your Tasty Eggplant

Growing your own eggplant is fun and a lucrative home gardening business. Besides being nutritious, it could provide you with a real fresh fruits coming directly from your garden.

Tips For Better Vegetable Garden Planting Before Your Next Home Garden Party!

Many beginners wrongly assume that there can’t be too much of a good thing. Water, like fertilizer, should be applied correctly to produce healthy vegetables. Deep watering with sufficient intervals will coax plants to develop deep root systems. In general, a vegetable garden planting needs one inch of water per week. Avoid overhead sprinkling, which can promote fungus and mildew.

Growing and Managing Parsley

Parsley (Petroselinum sativum/crispum) is a biennial plant grown for its leaves and stems. A native of Europe, it can be cultivated for long use when proper care is applied for a continuous supply of vegetables in your kitchen.

Simple Tips on How to Cut Part of the Plant For Growing Roses From Cuttings

To grow roses from cuttings involve your very important peat pot and potting soil medium. Take your peat pot and fill it with a sterile potting medium and soak it in warm water then allow it to drain. Then, poke a hole with your finger in the middle of the potting medium in your peat pot. Plunge your cutting’s bottom in the rooting hormone powder and tap the excess.

How to Prune Tomato Plants

Pruning tomato plants is very important to get the best out of your plants. Pruning is basically done so that the plant can spend more energy in growing the fruit rather than wasting its energy in branches and leaves that are dead and are no longer beneficial.

Koi 101 – The Black Koi Fish

Japanese koi fish comes in different varieties. They are seen with different kinds of dazzling and pretty colors and patterns. It has a serene disposition which you will find relaxing when you see them. One of the most popular koi types is the black koi. This type of fish was bred originally in Japan.

Don’t Let the Myths Scare You – Basic Information About Orchids

Don’t believe the myths about growing orchids at home. These plants are easy to grow, once you have the basic information about orchids. Don’t buy just any orchid for any place. Know which one is best suited for which room. Plant, water, and fertilize your orchids correctly and they will reward you with dazzling blooms.

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