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Planting Basil – How to Ensure it Will Flourish

Planting basil is a great addition to your herb garden. The herb Basil or Ocimum Basilicum is not only a great way to add depth and flavor to many of your favorite recipes, but it has been blessed for its medicinal properties and carries a fair few traditions in folklore.

A Starter’s Guide to Organic Gardening

Organic vegetables have an amazing healthy taste although they can be a bit more expensive than “regular vegetables.” But they don’t have to. You can grow your own organic vegetables right in your own backyard. All you need is a little passion for gardening and you’re sure to hit healthy all throughout.

Herb Garden Plants – Understanding the Different Types of Herb Garden Plants

All herbs have uses, some to flavor food, others believed to a have supremacy to heal, several to add aroma to homes and a few to beautify. All in all these aromatic plants whether common or not are all advantageous to us.

How Herb Garden Kits Can Get Your New Passion Started Immediately

When starting an herb garden, there are lots of questions that you will want to have answered. No matter how much you want to succeed at herb gardening, you still need those answers. Questions might concern the types of herbs to start from seed, and what type of soil to use for an herb garden.

How to Care For and Save Your Poinsettia

Beautiful poinsettias are everywhere at Christmas, decorating public places as well as private homes. They are the recognized Christmas flower. Find out how you to can save your poinsettias after the Christmas season, and revitalize them for another season of beautiful color.

Ten Important Rules For Your Garden

Starting with healthy plants is critical. Many of us don’t live in a area with specialty nurseries. Don’t fret. You can get excellent results by ordering your plants over the internet.

Permaculture – A Brief Introduction

Everywhere we turn we can see the devastating impacts of modern industrialised agriculture. We see land denuded of rich top soil, rivers and other aquatic systems polluted with chemicals and fertilisers and our forests toppled to make way for fields. Not only this, but our agricultural methods have made major contributions to climate change. In our search for efficiency, we have become inefficient and in our search for profits we have become wasteful.

Slow Real Estate Market? Enhance Your Garden – Here Are Some Hints

This article reminds the reader it is easy and economical to rehab their garden. For example, adding wooden furniture can be a great idea.

Gardening Plants – Try the Foam Flower – Pretty, Fluffy and White

Tiarella is found primarily in rich woods of New England extending south to the higher elevations of the Carolinas, though a variant species Tiarella cordifolia var. collina, of very similar appearance has a range extending into much of the North Carolina piedmont. This perennial herb blooms from April to June when it reaches its maximum height of 6-12 inches.

Take the Plunge and Grow Your Tomatoes From Seed – It’s Easier Than You Might Expect

There are so many things about starting tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, salad greens and different types of basil from seed that I’m hard pressed to understand why someone wouldn’t want to try. While you can save money starting your plants from seed, an even more exciting reason is the selection. I just ran a simple Google query “heirloom seed catalogues” and the first site in the rankings has 75 different varieties of red tomato. Now that’s what I call choice!

Intermittent Misting Systems – How to Minimize Leaching of Nutrients From Cuttings

Intermittent mist was a great revolution in propagating plants. It enabled the propagator to quickly and cost effectively produce many plants at a time. However, with the benefits comes negative impacts on the nutrients that are within the cuttings.

Gardening Indoors in Cold Climates

Grow a thriving, healthy crop and improve the quality of the air in your home at the same time. Growing plants indoors is easy to do and you don’t need much room.

Fertilizing Your Garden Plants

It is important to know some things about soil pH, fertilizer, the purpose of fertilizer and how much to administer. Measurements are taken from soil to determine the measure of acid-forming (hydrogen) ion activity of the soil result. This is called soil pH which is found using a logarithmic scale.

Jacob’s Ladder Makes a Great Addition to Any Landscape

The Jacob’s Ladder is a gorgeous plant that thrives in part shady area, if you give it too much sun then it looks yellow and dingy losing its flare and appeal. Many homeowner’s use this plant around Koi ponds and backyard ponds because the way it rapidly spreads between 18-36 inches and blooms mainly in shades of blue. The Jacob’s Ladder also can be found in a white variety but the blue is most popular.

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