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Growing Tomatoes From Seeds

Observing a tomato plant grow from a seed you have planted is rewarding and can be accomplished with ease. With so many tomato varieties to select from, it is both easy and enjoyable finding seed packets and experimenting with them.

The 3 Best Things to Feed Your Wormery Compost

It is important to make sure that what you are adding to your wormery compost is in fact good for your worms. When you built your worm farm, you probably thought that you could add anything. Worms are one of the best at decomposing, but there are some things that are better for them than others.

How to Save Water in Your Yard

Did you know that your yard consumes just as much water as an average adult may in a year? We’re talking about thousands, upon thousands of gallons of water usage depending on the size of your yard! If you think that’s a lot of water, then think about the money you can save if you cut down on your watering? Read this article and discover how to save water and save money!

Plants That Grow in the Shade

Are you having problems getting plants to grow under a shade tree? There are shade loving plants that will grow to suit your needs.

Organic Gardening Done Right – Part 7

Setting up your own worm farm is so very easy. You can have all the worm castings you will need for your special organic garden. Just make sure you read and learn how to take care the worms and they will be there for you when you need them.

Organic Gardening Done Right – Part 9

I have found a way to do organic gardening in such a unique way that it takes all the bother out of harvesting because you only harvest standing up. We have all seen those upside down tomato bags, well this one is similar but just a whole lot different.

Organic Gardening Done Right – Part 8

Worms are an organic gardeners best friend. Once you start your own small worm farm, just remember to keep them fed and watered. When you get your initial order of worms, you would do well to order 2,000 worms. You get a better deal that way.

Organic Gardening Done Right – Part 6

As far as organic fertilizer goes, worm castings has got to be the best product to use in your garden beds. You can get a bag of worm castings and put some in a watering can. Fill the watering can with water and let it sit for a little bit so the nutrients will dissolve into the water. Water your plants leaves and let the water soak into the root system to give them a nice helpful drink.

Organic Gardening Done Right Part 2

The best backyard garden starts with a raised bed. This gives the soil a way to draining too much water from rain or just overwatering from the hose. The raised bed is inside the wooden borders to hold everything together–and it looks nice, too.

Organic Gardening Done Right – Part 5

Now that you have your seedlings at the right size for transplanting, it is time to make sure the bed is ready for them. According to where you live, you might want to get your plants in the ground as soon as temperature and weather permits. Be sure to check what date your last chance for frost is and then start your seeds a week before that.

Organic Gardening Done Right Part 1

There is a great trend today to be Green. That is to say to buy vegetables that are organically grown. Unfortunately, just because something is labeled as organic, does not necessarily mean it is totally organically grown. The best way to assure yourself that what you are eating is truly organically grown is to grow it yourself.

The Importance of Using Weedkiller in a Safe Way

When used properly and safely, a weedkiller can be a useful and essential way of killing weeds and other unwanted greenery but it is also potentially harmful if it is not used properly or is intentionally misused. Weedkiller is used by almost all gardeners and is one of the most commonly used pesticides in the world.

Simple Tips to Prevent Various Diseases When Growing Tomato Plants!

Information on how to prevent various diseases when growing tomato plants. The types of diseases and how to identify them.

Tomato Growing Bags – Providing an Option For Optimum Results

Tomato growing bags have been used by plants enthusiasts lately for a variety of reasons. The most common benefit that a grower can get when planting tomatoes using a bag, is that water and nutrients from fertilizers are maximized and contained in a place.

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