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Introduction to the Hornwort

The hornwort is part of a group that includes bryophytes (Non vascular plants) that are part of the division called Anthocerotophyta. Furthermore, the hornwort is found in all parts of the world, though they are known to grow readily in environments that are humid or damp. There are also some species that grow in big numbers in the form of small weeds that grow in garden soil as well as in cultivated fields.

How to Stake Tomatoes

There are many reasons why we stake tomato plants. Staking helps support the heavy tomatoes so they are suspended in the air and not laying on the ground, which would cause the tomatoes to rot.

Tomato Soil PH – What is the Optimum Level?

Tomato plants will grow on a lot of different soil types. Those grown on sandy soil tend to mature early; silt, clay, and loam soils tend to be the best. The question remains, however: what is the optimum tomato soil pH level?

Onions in Your Garden

Onions – what is a good dish without onions? Growing your own is easy.

Choosing Groundcover For Your Yard

In many cases, turf grass can be impractical and expensive. On slopes, mowing turf can be a nightmare and it can also require a lot of money in irrigation setup and replacement costs if planted in an area with unsuitable conditions (e.g. too much sun, too much shade, too much sea spray, too much heat, frost, etc.).

Building a Butterfly and Wildlife Garden

With spring just around the corner, it couldn’t be a better time to start letting your green thumb take flight. It can be such a rewarding and relaxing tradition to enjoy the fruits of your labor by taking a few minutes out of your day to take in the beauty and hard work of your garden.

Choosing the Right Tree For Your Yard

With Arbor Day coming up soon, you might want to consider planting a tree in your yard. However, if you’re contemplating planting a tree regardless of the holiday, make sure you do your homework first. You may be looking for shade right now, but if you plant a tree that grows too big, you might later be forced to spend a lot of time and money in trimming, if not removal, costs.

Herb Gardening at Home

Herbs are such wonderful additions to any garden – be it a full vegetable garden plot or in pots and containers – and anyone can grow them. They can be grown from seeds or seedlings – and I usually prefer the latter as it is easier and time saving. Because they are ideal plants for container growing – they are a first choice if you live in an apartment (with a balcony) or only have a small courtyard or garden space.

A Hanging Strawberry Garden – Grow Sweet Juicy Strawberries in Your Kitchen Year Round!

I have always loved fresh strawberries and all of the wonderful things that you can do with them. Few foods look and small more appetizing than garden fresh strawberries. I recently learned how to grow all the strawberries I want in my home year round with a hanging strawberry garden. You can too!

Tips For Accessible Gardening Or How to Garden With Physical Limitations

Let’s talk about how to make gardening easier for those with disabilities, whether they have arthritis, are in a wheelchair or are visually impaired. Maybe you or someone in your household has difficulty getting around in the garden. These steps can be taken to make it more enjoyable for them.

How to Maintain Garden Safety

A garden needs to be maintained and cared for no matter what season it is. If you do not maintain your garden, you can end up with safety concerns. Due to weather changes, different surfaces in the garden can end up becoming slippery, branches of trees may fall on you when they die or the debris in the garden can become home to certain dangerous insects and small mammals or reptiles.

Using Vines to Decorate Your Garden

If you want your garden to stand out, consider growing vines. Vines can be grown at a very low budget. Also, they can be grown using the fence as a support to give your garden and home a gorgeous look and feel.

Plant Varieties That Can Be Planted Near Or Under Black Walnut Trees

“What can I plant near my black walnut trees?” That is a question that I hear quite often, and it is a very good question, because not all plants will thrive in close proximity the tree. Let me explain why and tell you about some trees and shrubs that will grow and thrive in these locations.

A Novices Help Guide to Different Garden Styles

While there are virtually no limitations to the possible variety of garden styles, several traditional and natural styles have given inspiration to landscapers for centuries. Before travel between countries grew to become common, these styles were insular, developing slowly over 1000’s of years. Countries across the world evolved quite different kinds of garden design, with the styles driven by factors like climate, common land form, local materials, social factors and in some cases religion.

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