STOP Using Epsom Salt in Your Garden 🚫


Windowsill Herb Garden Growing Tips

Know the most effective ways on how to grow your very own windowsill herb garden and become a good grower yourself. Learning to become a responsible herb planter is also very important so that you can grow your herbs successfully.

Growing Dwarf Fruit Trees – Why You Should Choose Them?

Many people hesitate growing fruits because they lack of space and also don’t have time. However, there are more convenient and easier ways to grow fruit trees.

3 Important Things You Must Do For Optimum Orchid Health

You’ve found a beautiful orchid at the store and brought it home. But now it’s looking droopy and one of your other orchids appears to be a little sick. Do you know why? What has happened? What three things must you always do in order to ensure your orchids have optimum health?

10 Steps to a Simple No Dig Garden

Here’s a quick way to build a simple box-type no dig garden if you have a poor site and are keen to get planting right away. You could have all the necessary materials available at home.

Orchid Growing Lights – Setting Up Your Orchid Growing Area

The majority of the most beautiful exotic orchid species originate from tropical and subtropical regions of the earth. They generally thrive in hot, oppressive, high humidity climates such as; Southeast Asia, New Guinea, Australia and Polynesia. Their natural habitat is usually found within a tropical rainforest where although, they are shaded from direct sunlight by the tree canopy of the forest, the light intensity is quite bright.

How to Design a Japanese Garden?

Increasingly popular is the arrangement of Japanese style gardens. Mini Japanese gardens are set up in home gardens and plots.

Starting a Garden

To begin a flowerbed can be a quite positive adventure especially if it is a fruit or vegetable garden. With the economy heading nowhere, but definitely burning a hole in your pocket, growing your own supplies is a excellent idea and definitely a better alternative. People today are attempting to begin a garden to grow and maintain organic fruits and vegetables that, not only will help to reduce on your monthly grocery expenses, but you will be astonished at how rich they taste.

Make Money Propagating Seedlings

Propagating seedlings means simply germinating seeds and growing the seedlings until they are big enough to be planted into a bigger pot, or directly into the ground. You might wonder why people pay for seedlings and don’t just do it themselves, but propagating seeds is the most fiddly bit of growing plants and needs fairly specific conditions (lots of light and warmth) so not everyone has the space or the patience to do it.

Growing Fruits Within Containers

If you don’t have the space for growing tasty and organic fruits, then you should try growing fruits within containers. In this article you will find out how is it possible.

Garden Areas – Ways to Construct a Good One

Among the much delightful and relaxing activities that loads of folks partake in is gardening. It’s not just a great feeling to observe things that you’ve looked after grow in to a brilliant floral arrangement, but the compliments that you’ ll obtain from family members, companions and neighbours will almost certainly be very rewarding.

Are Clay Planters Better Than Plastic?

Clay and plastic planters can both be considered garden staples, but which one is better? They both have their detractors but which is the one that fades in the sun or cracks during cold weather? Find out what makes each different planter unique.

Taking Care to Spot Orchid Problems Before They Get Out of Control

Orchids, are a little more fragile when it comes to the maintenance of basic needs. Sometimes leaves turning yellow could be a simple sign of the plant needing more sunlight or it could be a fungal infection.

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