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Orchid Re-Potting – The Basics

How do you know when your orchid plant needs re-potting and why this should be undertaken. All this will become clear if you follow the simple guidelines outlined in this article.

Potting Medium and Fertilizer Work Together For Your Orchids

Most people do not realize that the potting medium and orchid fertilizer work together in providing nourishment for their plants. When the medium is healthy, that is not decomposing, it can hold only so much moisture and liquid fertilizer. When the medium is too soft or decomposing, it will tend to hold too much moisture and fertilizer resulting in your orchids getting overfed which could present a new set of problems. Generally, it is best to use a balanced fertilizer for your orchids health and flowering needs.

A Guide to Overwintering Your Chilli Plants For More Chillies

Did you know that chilli plants are annuals? By overwintering your chilli plants you can increase your harvests dramatically and get a great head-start for when the growing season arrives. Read our guide on how to overwinter your chilli plants for more.

Growing a Healthy Tomato Plant

Tomatoes are relatively easy to grow, they are hardy and can take a fair amount of stress without throwing in the towel. However there are definitely measures that we can take to ensure that we have the absolute best results that we can hope to achieve with our tomato garden.

Daisy Flower Information

The daisy is actually an herb which symbolizes stability, innocence, cheerfulness and sympathy. White daisy is the most common one but they also can be found in yellow, purple and red, along with various shades in between. The flowers open at dawn and are visited by many insects. It tends to spread as it grows and blooms repeatedly from the summer into the fall. A daisy is generally 2 to 3 centimeter in diameter from petal to petal and stands 2 to 10 cm high. It is difficult to find them as tall as 15 cm. Daisy is a native of eastern, western and central Europe. During mowing daisy flowers do not disappear which makes many people consider them a weed and therefore treat them as such with weed killers.

Bonsai Gardening – Adding Bonsai to Your Gardens

If you have a green thumb or two but not a whole lot of room to exercise your greener side bonsais are a great option. Even if you do already spend a good chunk of your time gardening you can add another level of artistic quality to your horticultural ambiance around the yard with the addition of a bonsai or two. It is pretty easy, but can also take years to master.

Water Your Orchids Without Fear – By Following This Simple Guide

Taking care of your orchids need not be time consuming, many are tolerant of neglect but all orchids will respond well to good care. Follow this straightforward advice on how to water your plants correctly.

Bonsai Trees – Growing Your Own Bonsai

While cultivating bonsai trees is an art form, that certainly doesn’t mean that you have to be some kind of gardening Michaelangelo in order to train your own bonsai trees. Just about anybody can make a bonsai that looks terrific. One of the reasons for this is that the techniques are actually quite simple, and since shaping a bonsai tree can take years, you have plenty of time to learn and fiddle with your techniques. Bonsai shaping and training is done with the help of pruning scissors, wire and rocks, among other tools.

Orchid Types – What Are They?

Though there are many different species and hybrids of orchids, there are only two different orchid types: Terrestrials, which are found on the ground, and epiphytes, which grow on trees, rocks, or poles. Terrestrial orchids are some of the most popular orchids.

Guidelines For Watering Orchids Correctly

Due to the orchid plant having beautiful blooms, colors, sizes and a huge variety of species to choose from, they have become a favorite for people from all walks of life. For an orchid to thrive, it will need to be living in the correct environment to do, just the same as any plant. Knowing how to properly water an orchid is a major factor for all orchid lovers.

How To Plant Your Own Vegetable Garden

People are often interested on the topic of how to plant a vegetable garden. The first step is to decide on what vegetable seeds that you wish to plant. Most common foods that are grown at home are onions, chards, carrots, pumpkins, peas, beans, flowers, potatoes, squash, parsnips, radishes, beet and corn. Young plants that are often bought are herbs, peppers, cucumbers, melons and tomatoes.

How to Grow Organic Vegetables

Learn how you can grow organic vegetables easily with the help of natural soil fertilizer and mulching. Many people love organic produce and I know you will love it too because you grow it, its chemical free and healthy.

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