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Cold Country Gardens – How to Grow Herb Garden Plants When It’s Chilly Outdoors

For many who live in cold country, growing herbs outdoors is a difficult act. But it’s possible. In this article we tell you how.

Top Quality Garden Fencing Ideas For You to Consider

It’s been quite sometime that you’ve been contemplating on a complete overhaul of your garden after several years of caring for the same plants, flowers and trees that have grown stubborn and have become difficult to maintain. The wooden garden fence that used to blend so beautifully with your country style home has already seen its days and is just about ready to retire.

Hydroponics Facts

What’s the meaning of hydroponics? It is as easy as growing plants without using soil instead it utilizes liquid nutrient solution. “Space 1999” was a Sci-Fi series that brought up “hydroponics lab” and which as a kid, I by no means really understood just what it is. In truth, I considered this as science fiction gobbledygook. Nonetheless, it didn’t come out as I was expecting to be, it was similar to many things in science fiction.

Peace Lily Or Spathiphyllum!

These popular plants provide an evergreen presence in a home year round. Grow peace plants because they always look good with their shiny leaves. The flowers are unusual, produced on long stalks that grow from and over the plant itself.

An Age-Old Way to Make Your Garden Beautiful – Outdoor Garden Fountains

There is nothing more calming and serene than sitting by an outdoor garden fountain in a beautiful, well loved and maintained garden. It is even more pleasing when that cared for garden is your own. While not a new feature with respect to providing pleasing aesthetics, evidence has dated them far back as ancient Rome and traced through Spain, Italy, and Rome from the 14th century to the 18th century right up until modern society, they are still extremely popular amongst both novice and professional gardeners even today. But exactly what is their appeal?

How to Make Sympathy Flower Arrangements Using Floral Techniques

Using floral techniques you too can learn how to make Sympathy Flower Arrangements. With time, patience and practice in learning the techniques you can keep your sympathy sprays from falling apart.

Building a Hydroponics System

When you grow plants without soil it is called hydroponics. The plant is in rock wool, or perhaps clay pellets, which then go into a net pot, which allows the roots to grown through and into a container of water that has had nutrients added. There are a few different systems that can be used.

Find Out the Cost of Designer Gardens

There may come a time when you look at your garden and think that several things go well together, but some don’t. That is when you might want to take designer gardens into consideration. However, where should you begin when it comes to finding one and how much will it cost? When looking for a garden designer, ask your neighbours and friends for personal recommendations, as this would be the ideal way to make sure the job is done well.

Adjust Your Home Vegetable Garden’s PH Level

Vegetables and fruits thrive when your soil’s pH level is in the proper range. Here is how you can adjust that level in a natural and safe way that will help you grow better tasting food.

How to Get Fit by Gardening

What better way of getting fit than starting a hobby that tones the body, relaxes the mind and provides families with plentiful nutritious food all year round? We are of course referring to ‘grow your own gardening’.

History of Bonsai – The Long and Fascinating Story of the Bonsai Tree

The Bonsai tree has a long and fascinating history. Bonsai first appeared in China over a thousand years ago when they were called ‘pun-sai’. The early forms of bonsai tree might surprise you, they look nothing like they do now.

How to Train and Transplant Seedlings That Will Survive in the Outdoor Herb Garden

Growing herbs from seeds is similar to the process for most plants. And training transplanting seedlings of any type that will thrive in the outdoor garden is similar to potty training children. The process may not always work perfectly, but it’s a necessary step for growth. In this article we tell you how to accomplish this necessary step.

Beginner Compost Gardening Tips

Compost gardening is good for the environment, budget friendly and great for your fruits, vegetables and flowering plants. If you are maintaining your own compost piles or bins, you can run into some minor problems with them, so the first priority is to have a well functioning compost heap.

Three Tomato Plant Diseases – How to Recognize and Treat Them!

There are many tomato plant diseases that can affect your growing season. Knowing how to recognize the many types of diseases and treating would be great. Preventing them however would make your season a successful one.

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