Summerific Hibiscus from Proven Winners

Hydroponics Kits – Choosing and Preparing Your Grow Area

The right hydroponics kits are not just influenced by the plants you want to grow and the nutrient solution. The grow area is another essential factor where you can get your investment’s worth.

How to Take Lavender Cuttings

Lavender has to be one of the most popular of garden plants. Highly versatile, lavender looks the part in a traditional cottage garden setting but is equally at home in a more contemporary garden design. Late summer is the time to increase stock of some of your favourite varieties by taking semi-ripe cuttings. Taking cuttings from lavender plants couldn’t be simpler. Choose a few healthy non-flowering shoots from this year’s growth and follow these few easy steps.

Weather Data for Smart Irrigation

There are a few things about weather data for your smart irrigation controller you should consider. Should you use free or paid weather data, on site (local) or off site (remote) weather stations?

Top 5 Drought Resistant Home Gardening Techniques

Preventative and proactive maintenance are the best ways to protect your home garden from crippling drought and heat conditions. The following are our five best tips for maintaining a healthy garden when the heat is on, and for building a landscape design that will be most accustomed to extreme conditions.

Pruning Roses For All Occasions

Roses are admired around the world. Here are a few reasons to grow roses as well as different ways people are using them.

Caring for Your Bonsai

Are you looking to give optimum care for your bonsai plant? This ancient art of creating harmony between man and nature will bring peace to your life and beauty to your indoor or outdoor garden.

Wasps and Bees in Florida

Although both wasps and bees do play a vital role in Florida’s ecosystem through pollination or as a predator of parasites, they are also two common stinging insects and stings from either of them can range from being mildly painful to even fatal. Controlling stinging insects around your home is one way to manage a potential problem. Florida Wasps: The two main types of wasps you’ll run into in Florida include cicada killer wasps and paper wasps.

How to Take Cuttings From Roses

Mature rose plants can be quite expensive to buy, so its good to know that you can grow young rose plants successfully by taking cuttings. Roses are relatively easy to grow from cuttings and will grow on to make healthy flowering plants. September is a good time to take cuttings. Roots will be produced over the winter months and the rose cuttings will be ready to pot on in the spring. Choose health stems from the current seasons growth and follow these few easy steps to produce more of your favourite rose varieties.

Jobs to Do in the Garden During September

September can be a rather frustrating month for the gardener. Summer flowering perennials and annuals are beginning to go over and the garden can on the whole look a little sad. However, now is not the time to dwell on the fading days of summer, but to turn your mind to autumn and tidying up the garden in preparation for winter. Here a just a few of the jobs you can be getting on with in your garden during September.

How to Harvest Culinary Herbs

Most herbs actually benefit from being regularly cut, so if you are growing culinary herbs in your garden, don’t be afraid to use them. Adopting the ‘cut and come again’ approach not only benefits the plants, it also delays them setting seed and will mean that you have access to deliciously fresh herbs to enhance the dishes you cook. The trick is to pick little and often. This will encourage the plants to put out more foliage rather than flower and then go to seed. Here is a short guide on the best ways to harvest some of the most popular culinary herbs.

Preparing an Allotment – Tools for Tall People

With more people getting allotments the need for soil cultivation tools is growing, as is the height of the population. Taller people can greatly benefit from tools made specifically for them as it will make activity easier with less bending.

What Is an Herb and How Are Herbs Used?

This article is an introduction to herbs. It gives the definition of an herb and many facts about how herbs are used today. It answers the question, “just what is an herb and how are herbs used?”

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