Sunny Anniversary Abelia– A P Allen Smith Favorite!

Types of Plug Plants

A personal garden with greenery and flowers all around is really a heavenly dream. For some it’s a hobby for others a time pass but gardening has always been one of the favourite of works you would like to do at home.

Epidendrum Orchids – Learn How To Care For Epidendrum Orchids For Generous Blooms

Epidendrum orchids are also commonly known as the poor man’s orchids but this variety is far from being poor in appearance and beauty. It is one of the most generous bloomers and can produce up to forty flowers at a time. Learn how to care for these special plants with this article.

Confused About Which Orchids To Buy? Learn The Top 3 Tips When Choosing Orchids To Buy

Before you hand over your money for that very elegant and stunning orchid plant but also very expensive one, read the following tips given in this article to make sure you know which orchids to buy for a successful orchid growing hobby. The captivating beauty of an orchid is very hard to resist which is why you must be prudent when choosing which orchids to buy.

Ground Orchids – The Easiest Variety To Grow But With The Same Beauty And Elegance of Rare Orchids

If you are a beginner then there is no need to fret, ground orchids are one of the most easiest plants to grow. You would be amazed that these special plants do not need special care like your typical orchids. Read on to know more about growing them.

Repotting Orchids – Learn The Basics In Repotting Your Orchids For A Healthy Plant

If you think that repotting orchids is a daunting task then this article is for you. If it is time to place your special plants to their new pots then you have to do so to ensure health of your plants. Keep in mind that it is a normal procedure that your beautiful plants need and you have to be able to it right if you want to keep collecting orchids.

Autumn Outdoor Bonsai Maintenance

There are autumn maintenance practices which every bonsai enthusiast must follow in any area which has the change of seasons for their outdoor bonsai trees. Autumn slows growth in the bonsai to a standstill. Autumn is a time to contemplate bonsai with satisfaction and appreciation.

Learn Tips On How To Find Healthy Cheap Orchids For Your Orchids Collection

Visiting a garden or a nursery uses up all your will power when it comes to leaving the place without a special plant in tow to be added to your collection. It is therefore very useful to know the tricks on how to find cheap orchids so that your hobby does not become very expensive indeed. Orchid growing need not be too expensive.

Your Trellis System Is Critical for Successfully Growing Grape Vines

A sure foundation is critical to any building that you want to last for years. So it is with growing grapes. Your trellis is your foundation of support for your grapes. Choose your trellis system wisely.

Vegetable Garden Layout Planning Season

It does say planning season not planting, the reason being that planning is as vital to producing a crop as actually planting the seeds. A lack of planning will result in a lack of rewards.Some of us are just getting the crops in and enjoying the fruits of our labour but some of us on the other hand have seen the first signs of frost.If we are on a cycle of planting and this is not our first crop then we have by now learned quite a lot about our capacity and capabilities with our garden. The real problem we have here is that we like to be out in our garden with a spade pottering about.

How to Properly Feed Houseplants

This is an article on correctly feeding houseplants and plants in general. Correct feeding reduces waste of fertilizer and build up of damaging salts in the potting soil. Some plants are actually harmed by incorrect feeding. The article addresses the confusing realm of feeding plants.

Garden Makeovers

The rising popularity of garden makeovers has given birth to many present day commercial gardening ventures. There are some really professional commercial gardening service providers who are at your service and can transform your garden into a blissful space in no time.

How to Look After a Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree – Basic Bonsai Care

Chinese Elm bonsai trees are amongst the most popular and easy to care trees. They offer great tolerance which makes them ideal trees for those starting in bonsai; older specimens are often magnificent and aged trees.

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