Super Simple Spider Mite Control and Prevention

Don’t Bug My Tomatoes

You worked hard getting your tomato plants started. You prepared the soil, digging in compost. You planted deeply.

How to Plant Roses – Five Tips For Choosing the Best Rose Planting Location

Are you ready to plant your roses? If so, are you absolutely sure the location you’ve chosen will give your roses the best chance to thrive? Here are five tips for choosing the best rose planting location…

The Top Seven Reasons to Plan For a Survival Garden Using Heirloom Seeds

Seed represents the hope of survival in hard times. By storing food, you will be able to meet your immediate need. By storing away heirloom seed, you will be able to survive and thrive long term.

How to Use Gardening As a Way to Connect With Your Kids

The new “Gardening for Kids” website is a great way to get ideas and share your thoughts on how to make gardening a fun family activity. You can enjoy a new, interactive website aimed at enriching your life and the life of your family.

Bonsai Tree Plants & How to Care For Them

Growing bonsai tree plants is an increasingly popular hobby that is originally from the countries of China and Japan. Dwarfing on the other hand is the practice of genetically breeding trees by selecting the smallest tree over the coming generations. This produces trees that will grow small no matter what environment you place them in. However, bonsai tree growing is not the same as dwarfing.

Growing Made Easy – No Manual Watering, Feeding Or Weeding, Just Healthy Living

Want to discover the wicked little secret to successful growing of plants, vegetables and flowers with little to no effort? Want to know how to grow all natural plants that require no manual watering, no weeding, no feeding, no chemical spraying, just harvesting? Easygrowing is the simple way to get fresh veg and flowers with little to no work and with huge savings in water usage.

The Rise of the Urban Homestead

The concept of the urban homestead is catching on. Many have started growing small gardens and looked for ways of making their own energy while cutting back.

Ikebana Containers – An Important Part of the Ikebana Arrangement

The Ikebana container is an important part of the flower arrangement. There are many shapes, sizes and types of containers which can be used successfully to create beautiful Ikebana arrangements.

Top Soil – Great For Plant Growth

Top soil is invaluable to helping grow healthy plants. If you have a green thumb or if you don’t, you should invest in this type of soil.

Can You Garden Indoors? What Can You Grow?

Gardening indoors is the only option that many has. Learn the common types of indoor gardens that you could look into doing.

Pruning Techniques For Common Vegetables

Pruning is the latest technology applied to horticultural crops to increase the quality of fruit bearing plants and vine crops. Reducing the number of branches and vines provides the maximum utilization of nutrient elements by the plant which supports the production of quality fruits.

A Combination of Numerous Plants Together in One Area

Something is delightful on cottage garden’s ironic nature; flowers, vines and heirloom plants that fill each available space. Here are heirloom cottage garden plants, which includes combination of annuals, biennials, perennials, vegetables and herbs.

The Four Types of Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are very popular and some grow over 20 feet long. My mother in law has some red ones growing on a trellis on the side of her house that wonderfully accents the rest of the yard and garden. When left on their own they are large and sprawling.

What is the Right Fertilizer For Growing Tomatoes?

Tomatoes are large consumers of the big three of nutrients, they also need adequate amounts of secondary and micronutrients. What is the right combination?

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