Superbells Lemon Slice Calibrachoa– A P Allen Smith Favorite!

Guide in Repotting Your Orchids

This article talks about the ways of repotting orchids. This is perfect for gardener who will be re-potting their orchids for the first time.

More Information About Phalaenopsis Orchids

This article talks about one of the most beautiful orchids which called phalaenopsis. You will read more information about this flower which can be best for orchids-enthusiasts out there.

Facts About Garden Sheds

If you are fond of gardening, then the shed is an important accessory that should be compulsorily present in your backyard. Nevertheless, to own the right handmade or readymade shed in your yard or garden may not exactly be a piece of cake.

Mixing Your Own Potting Soil

The most cost effective way of having enough potting soil on hand if you have a lot of plants. Recipes for specific mixes as well as amendments to improve the potting soil.

Higher Yields on Your Tomatoes With These 5 Simple Tips

It is by far and away the most popular vegetable grown in the home vegetable garden. Not only here in the United States, but also around the world. If you want better tasting tomatoes and higher yields, follow these tips and you will be well on your way.

Bonsai – How To Care For It

There are many types of indoor plants that one can opt to have inside the apartment or house, but none match the beauty of Bonsai. Introduced by Chinese first but perfected by Japanese, Bonsai are little delicate living organisms that require tender care to grow.

Seedy Information For Green Thumbs

Those who have already developed the green thumb are already on the lookout for making their vegetable garden their neighborhood pride. Many people are going back to nature.

How to Design a Low Maintenance Garden

If you want to spend less time in the garden but still have a great looking outside area then this article will help. Some great tips and suggestions for a low maintenance garden.

Having Trouble Choosing the Variety of Grapes to Grow in Your Backyard? Consider These Facts

Growing grapes at home is a fun hobby and can be a good source of income. Not understanding the right variety for your geographic area or for what you want to accomplish with your grapes can lead to failure and disappointment. Get some helpful information in this article.

Aeroponic Systems: 4 Reason Why to Choose It in Indoor Growing Gardening

Aeroponic system is getting its popularity nowadays especially in indoor herb gardening. Aeroponics system was first introduced to hobby hydroponic market in 90s and nowadays all the effort of the researchers finally produced a new hydroponic gardening known as aerogarden system. Friendly speaking, this system is the safest, cheap and the best hydroponic system to grow plant especially in your indoor herb garden.

Container Gardening – Tips For Growing Healthy Tomatoes in Containers

Tomatoes are easy to grow at home, even if you do not have a large yard in which to grow them. Almost all varieties of tomatoes may be grown in containers on a small balcony, patio, or front step. Here are 10 tips for growing your own delicious, juicy tomatoes in containers at home.

How To Make Your Bonsai Tree Garden Attractive

Many people who enjoy caring for bonsai are looking to make a bonsai tree garden, where they can display their hobby to friends and acquaintances. If you are not sure how to make it appear more “Japanese” style, you could simply place nearby a pot with a large maple or bamboo. This will definitely give a “bonsai” look to your garden.

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