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Maintaining Quality and Health in the Garden Pond

To maintain a good healthy, clear pond the water must have a complex balance of minerals, gases, water, sunshine, creatures and plants. In the summer high nutrient levels can cause algae to romp away smothering plants and covering the surface so much that oxygen levels are lowered.

Hydroponic Herbs Garden

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in water; it is a soil-less plant growing method. Besides hydroponically grown tomatoes and lettuce important herbs like basil, arugula, oregano, lemon balm etc can be grown with the help of hydroponics growing system.

Budding Gardeners Must Buy a Wheelbarrow Before Any Other Garden Tool

If you’re a budding gardener you need some simple garden tools. Find out why a wheelbarrow is one of the first ones you should buy.

Discover What Kind Of Orchid Fertilizer The Pros Use And How They Use It

Fertilizing your orchid is not the same as fertilizing other houseplants. Using common plant fertilizer can damage your orchid. Find out what’s best, when to fertilize, and how much to use.

Best Locations To Place A Personalized Wind Chime

Location, location, location – you’ve certainly heard this term applied to real estate purchasing, but it is equally as important when deciding on where to place a personalized wind chime. Sounds silly since you should be able to just outside and hang it up wherever you want. While that is generally the rule, the exception is to carefully consider the location before stabbing a nail into a tree or on the side of your home.

Growing Carrots and Lettuce to Their Maximum Size

Carrots and lettuce have such tiny seeds that it is almost impossible to sow them thin enough without making a tangled mess of sprouts. Learn how to get past this problem by making use of an ingenious idea.

4 Great Ways to Dry Fresh Herbs

You’ve been spending all this time cultivating and caring for your home herb garden and it’s been good to you. Now that you have an overabundance of herbs, what do you do with the herbs that you don’t use? This is where drying your herbs comes in. Drying herbs isn’t difficult, but you should be aware of the drying methods that are available to you and proper harvesting techniques to ensure that the herbs you are drying are the most flavorful.

Transplanting Eggplant

Eggplant, also known as aubergine or brinjal, is a highly nutritional food, although for some it is unpalatable. Contrary to its name it has no connection to conventional bird eggs but the concept is derived from its basic shape. The eggplant is a very good source of dietary fiber and has a high vitamin and mineral content making it a beneficial and healthy item to add to your diet.

Bell Pepper Gardening

We are talking about pepper gardening, namely bell pepper. Generally, peppers are tender, slow growing plants that require somewhat higher temperature for cultivation. There are a lot of varieties of pepper plants. The globalization of Mexican food has popularized many types of pepper plants such as cayenne and chili.

Orchid Growing Lights – Know How To Care For Your Orchids Well By Providing The Lighting Conditions

Providing the proper orchid growing lights will ensure the success of growing healthy and thriving orchids. You need to be aware that these special plants require different lighting provisions depending on the genera of the plant you have. Whilst some require more exposure to the sun, others prefer a more shady conditions to thrive.

Growing Orchids Isn’t Hard To Do

Orchids are known for having the longest lasting blooms of most flowering plants. This makes them very appealing to add to your garden. Many gardeners shy away from these plants because of lack of knowledge on how easy they are to care for in reality. With the following tips you may just feel confident enough to try growing them yourself.

Your Planting Guide for Fall and Winter Vegetables

Although fall and winter gardening is a great way of keeping your soil fertile, it’s also when you can grow all kinds of crops and delicious vegetables at only a fraction of the cost you’d have to pay in your local grocery store. When it comes to vegetable and flower gardening, the northwest areas such as Washington, Oregon, northwestern California and the province of British Columbia, are all quite suitable for fall and winter gardening. With temperatures ranging from 35°F to 45°F, an occasional continental arctic air outbreak can bring the…

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