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Garden Design Courses

Everyone is fond of nature. Gardening is one of the beautiful arts through which one can make the residence or office premises nature friendly. Right from our childhood, we would have enjoyed watching flowers and walking in lawns. Garden design courses help us in designing what we stared at in our childhood. A garden design course is nothing but as its name suggests a course dedicated exclusively for teaching the techniques, methods and styles of gardening.

The Benefits Of Growing Your Own Vegetables in Raised Beds

A raised bed vegetable garden is a garden that is raised off the ground. The depth with which the bed is raised depends on how tall or high the vegetables should be to reach them.

Green Roof Pros and Cons

Green roofs can lower household energy use, extend rooftop lifetimes, and save you significant amounts of cash in the long run. But they can also cost more to install up-front, and require a bit more investment of maintenance time. This article lays out the pros and cons of living, green roofs.

Tips for Growing Hibiscus

The Hibiscus produces the most brilliant flowers in your fall garden. Getting the full effect of the plant is not a difficult task. The main points to consider are site, proper feeding, and insect control. This article will offer tips for growing the most beautiful hibiscus plants.

Four Solutions to That Unpleasant Odor in Your Compost Pile

Compost is the best way to ensure the soil your vegetables grow in have all of the nutrients they need as well as proper pH levels and adequate moisture retention. But before you can get there you need good compost. If your compost has a foul odor here are 4 solutions you can try today.

On Potting Mixes and Orchid Pots

If you are an orchid grower, you would always wish to create the perfect environment for your orchid plants. When we say orchid environment, it is not actually limited to the location of your orchid plants. Orchid environment would mean the orchid pots and the potting mixes used to plant your orchid.

Which Japanese Maple Bonsai Is Right for Me?

The Japanese maple bonsai is a favorite of bonsai enthusiasts due to its striking colors, easy maintenance and adaptability to indoor and outdoor environments. There are several important factors to consider when choosing the right Japanese maple including environment, color and style. Each of these will be closely examined in this article.

Secrets to Successful Rose Planting

Before you go to your lawn and begin rose planting, give yourself a minute to think. There’s definitely more to planting new rose bushes than just picking a spot, digging a hole, and fertilizing. One of the first things that you have to consider is the planting location.

Aftercare Of Herbs

Most herbs are easy to grow, requiring little maintenance and generally remaining free from pests and diseases. There are, however, a few seasonal tasks that will ensure you get the most from your plants. Herbs in pots need regular watering in summer and even in well drained beds and borders annual herbs may need the occasional watering during prolonged drought. Make watering pots easier by leaving the compost soil mix one inch below the rim of the pot and cover the surface with gravel to help reduce water loss through evaporation. Do not use a high nitrogen inorganic fertilizer on herbs because this encourages soft sappy growth, prone to aphid infestation and unable to stand the stress of droughts.

Timing for Repotting Orchids Is Important

To make sure they will not die, when repotting orchids, consider the right timing. You cannot just simply remove the orchid plants from the pot whenever you feel like transferring them to a new pot. There are certain conditions that you must know when repotting orchids.

How to Grow and Manage Brussels Sprout

After the seedlings are already set in the plots, put some mulching materials to maintain the moisture content in the soil for a longer period. Mulching also helps to control the growth of weeds. You’ve to apply fertilizer by way of foliar spray at least 1-2 times a month with the use of compost tea or seaweed extract. If these fertilizer materials are available, you can mix 75 grams urea in a 16 liters of water and do the drenching methods around the base of the plant every 2 weeks for 1 month period.

Are Perennials Or Annuals Better For Your Home Garden?

Showing the front yard to its greatest advantage will make a good first sense when you show a residence. Planting annuals, bred for their bright, flashy flowers, is a good way to give a house a welcoming appearance. Annuals are apt to mature the best during spring and summer months. A fence is much prettier when covered with morning glories or sweet peas than it is when vacant. The disadvantage of annuals is that they’re, well, annual.

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