Supertunia Bordeaux Petunia– A P Allen Smith Favorite!

Hardy Cyclamen of the World – Species From Eastern Europe and the Middle East

The species of hardy cyclamen are spread out amongst the hot, dry lands of the Mediterranean, northern Africa, Turkey, the islands of the eastern Mediterranean, extreme eastern Europe and extreme western Asia. Below are descriptions of the varieties and cultivars of the hardy cyclamen species from Eastern Europe (Caucasus Mountains, Bulgaria, Georgia, Crimea etc.) and parts of the middle east (Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, etc.

Papaver Somniferum – Five Poppies to Dazzle Your Day

Papaver Somniferum poppies, commonly known as Breadseed poppies, are a fantastic group of plants which can offer true delight to any garden. Annual in characteristic, they come in a huge variety of flower shapes and colors and will provide a wonderful additional plant to any garden bed or border. With so many different species of papaver somniferum breadseed poppies available it can often be difficult to choose the perfect variety, but here are five of the very best varieties that will bring enjoyment to your day.

Papaver Somniferum Seeds – For Annual Flowering Delight

With such a huge range of poppies available, gardeners can have a difficult time when trying to decide which variety they want to have in their gardens, especially when it comes to Papaver somniferum seeds. However, in picking poppies, gardeners should not forget the wonderful annual specimens that are included in the Papaver somniferum family. Annual by nature, and providing a range of interesting colors and blooms, they are great plants for the addition into gardens, especially for those looking to liven up beds and borders.

Camellias – Tips for Successful Growth

Camellias are beautiful shrubs that when cared for correctly provide the gardener with beautiful blooms. This article includes tips for successful growth and information about basic care.

Fuchsias – How to Grow Beautiful Plants

Fuchsias need little introduction. They have long been admired as a favourite of the horticultural world and they add vibrancy and life any space they inhabit. Loved by garden insects and birds alike, Fuchsias truly deserve a place in any garden and they come in many forms including shrub, standard and bedding varieties.

Orchid Cultivation – Growing Methods Explained

When it comes to being a unique flower, orchids are among the top. Unlike many flowers orchids grow in a variety of conditions. They can be found in tropical climates and even in the arctic areas.

Three Essential Grape Growing Conditions

Have you ever wondered what effect the growing conditions in your area have on grapes. It’s important to understand your local climate when choosing what kind of grapevines to invest in. It’s also important to properly test and prepare your soil, so that it contains the nutrition necessary for the health and vigor of your grapevines, and also drains properly.

Summer Flowering Tricyrtis

There are many types of Tricyrtis. Some have an arching stem, some a trailing stem, and some have an erect upright stem. Their flowers may have flat petals, petals that do not open far and are shaped like a bell, or petals that open beyond horizontal and bend backwards (are reflexed).

Working With Sprinkler Valves – Helpful Hints

The purpose of having a yard sprinkler system is to make less work for you. It makes the task of keeping the lawn watered totally automated. When your sprinklers are working, they really do save you a lot of time. All you have to think about is how good your green grass is looking!

Growing Tomatoes From Seeds and The Benefits Of Being Buried Alive

When growing tomatoes seeds may be the best way to go. I admit, there’s nothing quicker and easier than sticking a healthy tomato plant deep in the ground and watering it. However, there’s nothing quite like beginning with a sealed pack of seeds, some dirt, and a pale of water. Next thing you know, you’re slicing this big, red, juicy tomato for dinner.

Growing Grapes At Home Without Chainsaws

If you’re interested in growing grapes home is as good a place as any. Fortunately, as grape growing rises in popularity, more and more folks are finding that it’s a manageable task. It’s really no different than doing it commercially on a large scale, there’s just much less for you to take care of.

Working With Green Roof Contractors

Home improvement projects and specialty projects like putting in a green roof can be extremely difficult, both physically demanding and mentally taxing, depending on how large a job you have ahead of you. This article describes how to get the maximum output and value when working with hired help on your green roof project.

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