Supertunia Limoncello Petunia– A P Allen Smith Favorite!

Planning a Garden Layout – 9 Steps to Success

Planning is the key to a successful garden. Whatever type of garden you have in mind you will need to plan the layout of the garden. Here are the essential steps you have to take.

Creating A Perfect Garden

Some of us love spending time in the garden. We enjoy the thought of creating a space where we can relax and have fun. We don’t mind the fact that we need to carry out a few boring tasks in order to achieve our final objectives.

Garden Lounger Guide

There is a wide variety of garden loungers available to purchase for all of your comfort needs. You can enjoy each season outside in your yard in relaxation. The type that you purchase will depend on where you want to put these loungers.

Seven Tips for Better, Healthier and Tastier Celery

Celery really makes a soup or stew “pop”. It gives them both great flavor, not to mention celery goes great with buffalo wings. Growing celery in your home vegetable garden is simple to do and with these tips you are sure to succeed.

Beneficial Uses of the Urea Fertilizer

One of the most important fertilizers that help plants to grow is urea. It is an organic fertilizer and is used widely by farmers for agricultural purposes. It was first discovered in the year 1773 by Hillaire Rouelle, a French scientist.

Five Tips on Growing Orchids

This article contains five simple yet effective tips in growing orchids like watering orchids, maintaining right temperature and other things. This will be very helpful for orchids-enthusiast who wants to venture in growing their own orchids in their garden.

Ancient Red-Seeded White Strawberry

Who ever heard of a red-seeded white strawberry? When we think of strawberries, we think of stereotypical red fruit with dark seeds. Well, there is a new kid in the strawberry town that happens to be very old.

How To Take Care Of Your Juniper Bonsai Trees

One of the more popular bonsai specimens that can be found from the coniferous specimen of trees are the Juniper bonsai trees. You can create impressive looking miniatures from these bonsai varieties. There are nearly fifty different specimens that are in existence around the world.

The 2 Most Important Things You Need to Know Before Growing Grapes At Home

A successful home grape grower is one who has the knowledge about pruning and pest control. This article will arm you with the accurate knowledge that you’ll need to grow grapes at home. You will learn many interesting facts including when to prune your grapevine, how much to prune, the most common pests that you will have to face, and how to control pests.

The Layers Behind Growing Onions

Onions are very popular vegetables and almost all meals require them. If you were to count the number of onions consumed in your lifetime it is easy to assume the number will be a magnificent one. Keeping this in mind, one has to see the logic in growing onions instead of buying them all the time.

Changing Commercial Strawberry Varieties

Strawberry varieties come and go. As new varieties are developed with improved traits, the old varieties fall out of favor. Discussed here are some of the issues and players involved in breeding better strawberry plants into being.

Garden Design Ideas For a Low Maintenance Garden

Many people either don’t have the time to garden or simply wish to create a low maintenance garden for themselves. This article will look at the issues you need to consider when planning a garden.

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