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Gardening With Plastic Mulch

As a long time gardener, I have come to hate weeding. I have tried pulling weeds every time I walk by, hoeing the beds, and yes, even threatening the weeds. But, they always seem to win.

Orchidea Phalaenopsis – The Moth Orchid Examined

Gain rare insight in to the natural habitat, structure, characteristics and proper tending of America’s favorite orchid. Learn why it is so popular and how to properly care for the Phalaenopsis orchid.

Guess How Many Orchid Types There Are

Only two orchid types exist despite the fact that a whole host of species and orchid hybrids exist. The terrestrial orchid is one of the two types of orchids and as it names says it grows on the ground. The other type, which grows in trees or rocks, is the epiphytes orchid.

Orchid Propagation Methods

For those that want to learn about orchid propagation, there are three methods most commonly used. This guide features an overview of these three common methods for orchid propagation, as well as tips that will help you to do them effectively.

Know Your Orchid Fertilizer

When caring for your orchids one of the most important factors is the proper use of orchid fertilizer. In the following article we’ll tell you what sort of nutrients are important in orchid fertilizer and how much you should give to your plants.

Orchid Pots Overview

When it comes time for repotting, there are three types of orchid pots you can choose. The pros and cons of each type will be discussed in this article.

3 Ways to Make Your Garden Forever Productive

To have your kitchen filled with a continues supply of fresh organic vegetables the whole year round, you need to make your garden continuously forever productive. This requires your intelligent planning to sustain a complete and ready to harvest vegetables in your garden. Your garden could easily be depleted with its major elements once planted with some plants that are heavy soil users. Therefore, lost soil nutrients needs to be replenished immediately to return back the soil’s productivity. This requires your creativity how you’ll manage to make your garden always in its productive form. I have listed here some ways you can improve the condition of your soil.

Rose Planting Tips for Gardeners

One of the most common but also one of the most popular types of garden worldwide is rose gardens. Many people from different places as long as rose planting is feasible would make it sort of a hobby. There are also those who grow roses for business purposes and monetary gain.

LED Grow Lights Advantages

Indoor gardening allows farmers to grow produce indoors in climates that are either too hot or too cold for traditional outdoor gardens. Hydroponic systems facilitate the growth of plants in an indoor environment, but without light, growth would be impossible. There are two kinds of indoor gardens.

Care of Phalaenopsis Orchids – Moth Orchids

Phalaenopsis Orchids, also called Moth Orchids, are very popular houseplants. What is the best care for these orchids with their long lasting flowers?

The Key To Growing Your Own Nutrient-Rich Food

The key to producing nutrient rich edible plants is to have nutrient rich soil. Plants can produce vitamins, but they can’t produce minerals. They also won’t produce vitamins very well if they are growing in poor soil.

Involving the Kids in the Garden

Taking care of something is always a great way to teach your children a lot of valuable things in life. If you’re not too big on having pets, though, there are alternatives to teaching your kid how to take care of a living creature. Having a vegetable patch is one of those techniques.

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