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No, You Don’t Have to Be A Water Slave To Your Orchids

So, here I am at the counter talking to my Friendly Orchid Dealer when this guy comes up, out of breath and panicking,”How do I water orchids?” Friendly gave me that oh-boy-have-I-seen-this-before look, “Orchid watering is a tricky business. You might think that just because they are tropical plants that you have to inundate them. Its just not true.”

How Does Orchid Propagation Work?

There are several techniques used for orchid propagation. but the common and simplest techniques are: back bulbs and division. These techniques are basically used for those hobbies or enthusiasts. Others techniques for orchid propagation used in greenhouse (for living perhaps) or laboratory and experiments are: aerial cuttings, tissue culture (meristem), keiki and seed. These will depend on your expertise and in-line of familiarity in orchid propagation.

Orchid Pruning – Doing It the Right Way

When your orchid plant starts blooming, orchid pruning is definitely one important task that you should not neglect. This holds true too if your goal is to make sure that your orchid plant stays healthy, has consistent growth and will bloom exquisite flowers. For a majority of beginners however, the process of orchid pruning becomes risky coupled by fear that they may damage the orchid plant.

Buying Lilies Online

Lilies are often given as gift on various occasions, either as bouquets or vase arrangements and even as pot plants. They are the most admired flowers due to its varied colours, patterns and heady fragrance. People buy lilies either for their own use or to gift to someone else. The lilies express the feelings of the giver in the most beautiful and elegant way. Whether it is a wedding or funeral, lilies add the right sentiment to the occasion.

New Ways of Flower Gardening

A flower garden is the place where flowers are grown in large quantities for decorative purposes. It is very important to maintain the flowers to bloom throughout the year by consistently monitoring the sequence of the flowers planted.

How To Get High Yields From Cauliflower And Broccoli Every Year

Midsummer heat usually causes cauliflower and broccoli to button up. Yields are next to nothing and a big disappointment for those who actually like these types of produce. Learn how to prevent this problem and have big yields every year.

Right Soil for Grape Growing

In order to be a successful grape grower, you need to learn about the right type of soil for grape growing. The above article explains how to determine if your soil is right for growing grapes. It also explains what to do to make your soil suitable for grape growing.

Permaculture on a Personal Level

The word permaculture is derived from 4 words, permanent agriculture and permanent culture. Originally introduced in a book called ‘Permaculture One’ written by its Australian creators Bill Mollison and David Holmgren after years of practical research. It’s a way of creating permanent sustainable landscapes whilst working with nature to reduce the footprint left by human activity.

Professional Gardener Tips

There are hundreds professional gardener tips that have been shared with me over the years, coming from great gardeners of the past and present. Many of the professional gardener tips have to do with growing of plants and soil preparation. I feel this needs to be shared with you too, it is my hope that in no way you or they think I have in any way laid claim to there gardening tips, my only intent is to share with you professional gardener tips from the green thumb geniuses of gardening.

Preparing For Winter In The Garden

Preparing for winter in the garden is something most people do not want to think about. If you live in the northern part of the country it is a reality that is slowly creeping up on us as each day passes.

How To Grow Grapes At Home

Who would have thought that grapes can be grown from your very own backyard? More commonly, grapes are grown in rows of grapevines stretched across extensive vineyards. Home-growing seems to be a far-fetched idea mainly because backyards and gardens have extremely limited space.

Growing Herbs From Seed

Raising your own plants from seed is not only very rewarding, it is also the best way to stock your herb garden economically. Sow seed thinly in seed compost soil mix, using plug trays. The advantage of using these trays is that when the plants are transferred to a pot, there is little root disturbance, so the growth of the herb is not checked. This method of sowing suits borage, dill and chervil in particular. Alternatively, you can sow seed into a well prepared seed bed in spring. Parsley must only be sown when the soil has warmed up in spring, and trying too early can result in poor germination.

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