Supertunia Update, 2 Months Later!

How I Germinate Seeds

It is another growing season and the first thing is to germinate your seeds. Read on to see how I germinate my seeds.

Corporate Flora and the Lumberjacks of Fortune

Fellow horticulturalists, congratulations are in order. Caroline Spelman, the environmental secretary for the House of Commons last week released an apology to members of parliament.

Garden Soil Mix

Keep it simple. Some gardeners believe that every type of plant requires a special soil mix and like to work out complicated mixes of five or six ingredients. A simple combination of peat moss and vermiculite, or perlite, or fine sand, can be used with almost all types of plants, from cacti to tropicals.

Easy to Follow Tips for Your Winter Garden

If you are one among those nature lovers you will sometimes realize that winter season is not the best time of the year for you. I bet being cooped up inside the confines of your homes makes you giddy and restless. However, to those who are sensitive to cold hate this season. But if you are one of those keen gardeners, you’ll be busy working on your winter gardens.

Do Garden Seeds Have An Expiry Date?

I have been trying to figure out if garden seeds have an expiry date for years already and found no answers. I do know that old seeds will not germinate. I compare this to the grain farmers when they do their germination tests. It seems that their seeds which have just wintered are sometimes very low in germination, but no one seems to know what causes this dilemma!

How-To Get Started With Organic Gardening

No matter whether you are an experienced organic gardener or you have simply decided that you would like to become more self-reliant by growing some of your own food, planting a garden requires planning. A properly planned and planted organic garden will naturally resist disease, deter pests, and be healthy and productive. With the spring planting season fast approaching, winter is the ideal time to get started.

How to Transform a Garden Into a Paradise

Green is a very tranquil color. It relaxes and refreshes. A garden, no matter how small, can lift up one’s spirit and well-being. Every home needs to have some form of connection with Mother Nature. It does not really matter if the “garden” is a row of small potted plants or a small backyard with a hodgepodge of greeneries. Some urbanites are up in their high-rise units contemplating on roof gardens. Some are fortunate enough to have the means to set up a glass-enclosed sun porch or a trellised terrace or even a conservatory for a garden. Gardening and basking in its beauty is de-stressing.

Grow Tomatoes Like a Champ

Tomatoes, like all living creatures, have specific requirements for light, temperature, water, nutrients and air. To help them grow to their best, give your tomato plants what they want.

Eat Healthy, Eat Smart, Eat Free

With the cost of food on the rise and the threat of food sparsity due to mother nature we have to adjust to get the food we need at a reasonable cost. Having your own garden is a solution to end your dependency on the world markets.

The Grandiflora Rose – An Overview

The article discusses the characteristics of the Grandiflora Rose. It provides information on the history of the flower, its physical characteristics and growing of the rose.

How to Choose Healthy Trees

This is an article explaining how to buy trees that are going to turn into healthy safe specimens. If you buy one that has a wound or is root bound, you are buying future problems. Unhealthy trees have a habit of falling over onto people and/or buildings and creating havoc. It is very expensive to get an arborist to remove an immature tree.

Good Tree Pruning Techniques

This is an article that explains the most new and up-to-date pruning techniques for trees. Bad pruning – flush cuts can shorten a trees life dramatically, but if you understand and use these new methods, then you tree will be healthy and have good looking pruning cuts. The collar and Branch Bark Ridge techniques are easy to practice and are now a part of many countries Codes of Standard Practices. If you are a keen gardener, you need to know this new information on pruning.

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