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Grow Basil and Use it Anytime You Like

The basil herb is one of the most used herbs in food. Basil is quite popular to numerous people because this herb provides leafs that are fragrant and tasty when mixed to food. Raw basil leaves can be added to salads or sandwiches to make them more delicious and they can also be added to some cooked dishes like pasta. That is why more and more homeowners grow basil in their garden or in pots inside their home where there is sufficient sunlight and a good level of temperature.

Dandelion – A Different Approach

I chose this title simply because most of us see the dandelion as a noxious weed. When you think beyond and read more about the dandelion, you’ll find that this non-cultivated herb is very valuable and appreciated in a herbalist’s world. Not only the dandelion, but many other herbs which are considered “weeds” have their utilitarian value in our everyday lives.

Money Making Greenhouses For Amateur Gardeners – Part 2, Tools

Installing a backyard greenhouse is a great way for any garden loving, home owner to grow next to perfect plants. As well as framing and covering your greenhouse, it is also necessary to include a few additions to ensure your plants get the best of attention. Greenhouses extend a plants growing time, but with a few extras you can extend this growing time even further.

Successful Hydroponic Herb Garden

What is a hydroponic herb garden? Elements a hydroponic herb garden needs. Tips on how to make a hydroponic herb garden.

The Benefits of Growing Medicinal Herbs

Take a moment to consider growing medicinal herbs in your herb garden. The benefits are probably more than you would think. Over and above the obvious of what they can do for your health you will find that they are easy herb growing plants.

Hydroponic Gardening For Persons on Supplemental Oxygen and With Breathing Problems

Has being on supplemental oxygen caused you to give up the gardening that you once enjoyed? Does breathing problems keep you on the sidelines because of the harsh insecticides and herbicides required to grow your crops? If this is your situation then hydroponic gardening may be the answer you have been waiting for.

Hydroponic Gardening For Seniors – The Many Benefits

Do you love to garden but don’t have the energy level or health that you once had? Hydroponic gardening is all the fun of gardening without the bugs, weeds, and the extremes of the seasons.

Herb Garden – How to Use Herbs in the Kitchen

After you’ve successfully grown your home herb garden, how to use herbs properly is the next thing you need to know about. In this article, I’ve enumerated some culinary uses of herbs.

Garden Compost! Become an Organic Gardener For Healthy Food!

Have you ever thought about setting up your very own garden compost or do you think that this is something only highly skilled organic gardeners do? If you are trying to think of ways that you can efficiently improve the soil of your garden without having to resort to harsh chemicals and fertilizers, then garden compost is the best thing for you. Growing your plants and your veggies will be so much easier and the produce will be so much healthier.

Easy to Make Home Compost

Some people have very little knowledge about home compost and feel as though it is nothing more than a fun way to fertilize the garden. The fact of the matter is that the compost itself does not act as a fertilizer for the organic growing that you are trying to do. Instead, the compost will prevent drainage or run off from your garden, ensuring that your garden receives everything that it needs to be a healthy. Great compost makes for great soil.

Nine Things You Need to Know to Grow Lavender

To grow lavender, famous for its sweet-smelling fragrance and essential oil, is a must among herb enthusiasts, and even among novice herb growers. After all, who could resist such a delicate floral scent. But one pressing question is: It is easy to grow?

Why Should I Buy Herb Garden Kits?

There are different reasons why people buy herb garden kits – great chefs but amateur gardeners or as a gift to help a friend get started on the herb growing experience. Whatever the reason, there are things to look out for and certain things the herb garden kit should include.

Water Garden Mosquito Control

Whether you have a water garden or thinking of building a water garden, the question is always, what about mosquitoes. Find facts and information on how to control mosquitoes in birdbaths, water gardens, koi ponds and other water features.

Vegetable Container Gardening – Can You Grow Just Any Vegetables in Containers?

Vegetable container gardening is a fast-rising trend, particularly among vegetable growers that do not enjoy the luxury of big backyard spaces. And if you’ve had some success with container growing, you can’t help but wonder: Is it possible to grow any vegetable in containers?

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