Survival Foraging for Prickly Pear Fruits!

How to Build Your Own Orchid Farm

If you decide to build an orchid farm you must first choose which orchids are ok to grow. The good thing is that there are thousands of different orchid types all over the world used to all kinds of different conditions, so when you build an orchid farm you just have to choose the right orchid types that can easily adapt to the medium you can provide for them. For example if you live in a hot, humid place like Florida you can grow Vanda orchids. But if you live in San Francisco, a place close to Pacific with warm summer days mellowed by cool ocean breezes, you can easily grow Cymbidiums and Dendrobium. They will adapt very well because they come from similar Mediterranean climates.

What Is Grape Vine Pruning?

What is the meaning of pruning? Okay, generally speaking pruning means cutting of shoots and branches beside the roots, flowers and buds. It is the regular process on plant maintenance. When it comes to grape vines, the older vines or branches are being cut off so as to push new parts to grow. There are also times that buds are being pruned as well to make sure there is not an excess during the growing season of grapes. But the question is when to prune grapes?

Hydroponics 101 – Easy Plants to Grow

You are starting out your garden for the first time. You’ve prepared your garden bed, purchased the tools you will need, and you are wearing your gardening clogs around the house to break them in. You are on your way, fellow gardener! However, the next step is to grow. The great thing is, as a first time gardener, there are lots of plants to choose from.

Hydroponics 101 – Basic Tools

Choosing the right equipment for your hydroponics garden can be difficult, especially when you’re just starting out. There are just a few tools you will need to start your beautiful, bountiful, indoor garden…

Hydroponics 101 – A Beginner’s Guide

Hydroponics gardening is a method of growing plants in a controlled indoor environment without the use of soil. The grower provides plants with a light source, mineral nutrient solution, and/or an inert growing medium. There are many different kinds of hydroponics equipment, and almost any and all plants can be grown.

Hydroponics 101 – Good for the Environment?

There are many reasons to garden. Health benefits, daily dose of Vitamin E from sunlight, ability to save some money by growing vegetables and fruits- these are all great reasons to start gardening. However, what about the environmental benefits? It’s true that there are many harsh chemical pesticides available on the market today, and these can lead to a toxic situation for your plants and soil. But with some research and eco-minded purchases, you can grow a garden that is organic, and does not do damage to the ecosystem.

How to Take Care of Green House Flowers in Your Home

Flowers are among the most beautiful things on earth; they are some of the most amazing things nature has offered us. Not only are flowers symbols of love, they also stand for peace and hope, among other things.

LED Grow Lights Vs HPS – Which Is Right for You?

Deciding between LED grow lights vs. HPS is something that many indoor gardening aficionados may find themselves facing. The fact is that each light is superior to the other in certain circumstances. In order to choose between LED grow lights vs. HPS, an individual will need understand a few important factors about each type of light as well as keeping in mind their particular set of needs. There may be certain situations where one is easily the superior choice to the other. While gardeners have had excellent results with both, there is no right answer.

Hortilux 250 – Beware of Relying on a Standard HPS Light in Your Garden

Hortilux 250 lights are popular in many indoor garden rooms. However, these lights have some distinct disadvantages that make them a poor choice as the sole means of light in your indoor grow room. These lights produce a great deal of heat. In order to keep the heat from causing problems in the plants, you need to place the light carefully above the plant tops.

Survival Seed – Grow Your Own Non Hybrid Garden

With the down trend of the US economy, bankruptcy in Greece and declining currency values around the globe, thinking about your future has never been more important than now. Survival seed and survival seed kits are becoming a popular trend in survivalist culture. These survival seed kits are large packets of various types of basic, essential, non hybrid vegetable seeds put together for their ease of growing and overall nutritional value.

Tree Guards – The Essential Points

The first few years of a tree’s life are its most dangerous. Whether is nature’s onslaught of wind, heat, cold, or critters, to an unwitting homeowner and his lawnmower when he’s not paying enough attention- one mishap or one severe event can mean death for a young tree. Making a small investment in a tree guard for your young tree will greatly increase the chances that your new tree will make it to a size when it’s large enough to handle these things on its own.

Using Temporary Shelters In Your Garden

If you are thinking of using portable shelters in your garden then there are many great things you can do with these and they have a range of great benefits. The truly great thing about temporary shelters is that they can be erected anywhere very easily and cheaply and compared to getting garages or sheds they are far less work and expense. At the same time this then means that they can also be very easily repurposed for whatever it is that you want to do with them.

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