Surviving off of my garden for 30 days

Designing a Rock Garden

Importance of a rock garden. Rock garden styles you can have in your backyard. Type of rocks a rock garden can have.

Water, Water Hardness, pH and Feeds

For most indoor growing applications whether growing in soil or with hydroponics, tap water is the best water to feed your plants with. The excess Chlorine sometimes associated with tap water can be dissipated by standing the water in a container open to the air for a few hours before use (12 to 24 hours).

Growing and Caring For a Thyme Garden Herb

If you have considered growing thyme and or have been curious about the many ways it can be used then this article will be of benefit to you. Thyme garden herb is native to the Mediterranean but is cultivated all over the world. This plant is very useful in many ways and is commonly known for its culinary value.

Hydroponic Strawberries – The Advantages of Growing Hydroponic Strawberries

Picking strawberries on my grandfather’s farm is one of my fondest childhood memories. Do you anxiously await the summer so you can get your hands on the fresh strawberries that you missed all winter? Growing hydroponic strawberries can give you fresh berries all year long.

Indoor Gardening is Eco-Friendly

Indoor gardening has many benefits. It’s an eco-friendly way to detoxify the air inside your home, provides chemical-free herbs for your kitchen, adds beauty to your home’s decor.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening – What You Need to Know Before You Start

Practicing indoor vegetable gardening is simple, if you know the basics. There are three conditions you need to keep in mind if you want to start indoor vegetable gardening, namely light, temperature, and water.

How to Keep Houseplants Happy

Keeping your houseplants happy and healthy is easy. Your success depends on them getting the proper amount of watering, feeding, lighting, temperature, humidity, and repotting, so here are a few tips to help you make your task easier.

Do You Find Yourself Questioning What to Grow in Your Greenhouse?

So, you have already finished setting up your greenhouse structure, and everything looks great. There is only one last thing that you are required to decide upon, and that is what you are going to grow inside the dwelling. There are a lot of people that find themselves in your same predicament, simply because there are so many different things that you can grow and harvest inside of these glass encasings.

Tips For Garden Edging

With a few simple steps, you can turn your garden into a beautiful landscape. Garden edging ensures that it takes away the hectic schedule of maintaining a garden and yet creates a touch of nature in your living space.

You Can Always Do With Tips For Growing Herbs

No matter how long you’ve been a gardener there’s nothing quite like getting tips for growing herbs along with another plants. Just looking at where your herb comes from is a very big tip and certainly will help in getting good herb growing techniques.

Growing and Healing With Medicinal Herbs

Growing medicinal herbs is becoming more popular amongst many families and cultures of today. With the increased awareness of the benefits of herbs many are opting to use medicinal herbs as an alternative to modern pharmaceutical medications. Historically, medicinal herbs were used as the only means of treating and healing.

Flowering Plants – Amaryllis For Winter Color

Monarch of the house plant world, nothing can rival the amaryllis for size of bloom and brilliance of color at a time when snow covers the ground and temperatures are well below freezing in most parts of the country. You can buy amaryllis bulbs that have been ‘cold-treated’ so that they’ll flower on schedule during the holidays. Choose a bulb that is large and has many live roots.

Starting a Vegetable Garden – What Every Beginner Should Know

Starting a vegetable garden isn’t as easy as it looks. There are some definite things that a beginner should know before embarking on the task. Without this initial knowledge, a beginner puts his garden at risk of pests and diseases, and you may even prevent your plants from growing altogether.

A Few Benefits From Growing Your Own Vegetable Garden

Eating fresh vegetables that just came out of the garden are actually better for you than those purchased in a grocery store. This is true because many vegetables loose some of their vitamins and minerals after they are picked and have been stored for a few days.

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