Sweet Alyssum: The Companion Plant You’re Probably Not Growing

Garden Basics – Diseases and Their Prevention

This article presents some of the more common and destructive disease your garden may experience. I have also includes preventative measures you can take to defend against these diseases.

Have Fun Growing Organic Vegetables in Your Own Garden – Then You Know For Sure How Organic They Are

You may already know some of this, but if you buy organic veggies and fruits at your local grocery store or supermarket, there are degrees of quality in these products. The basic minimal quality of organic produce is that which is grown without chemical pesticides and without chemical fertilizers. To be certified as an organic farmer, there are other qualifications necessary.

Gardening – Organic Garden Soil

Gardening with organic methods is a healthy way to grow crops and to be kind to the environment. Nature has it own way to keep soils rich in nutrients and to control diseases naturally.

Herb Garden Plants Have Powerful Benefits

There are many different types of herb garden plants and each herb has its own unique benefit. If you look at them as a whole herb plants supply a wide range of benefits but to make things easy they are grouped into categories for what they are used for.

Home Vegetable Gardening – Support Your Tomatoes With These Ideas

Are you growing tomatoes this year in your home vegetable garden? Do not just let them fall over into the dirt. Give them some support with these ideas.

What Bugs Our Roses

We love our roses, but unfortunately there are insects every year that love them just as much as we do. There are some very common pesky insects which have a tendency to munch away at our roses.

Herb Garden Plants – A Quicker Way to Get Your Garden Started

When starting an herb garden, you have the choice of planting seeds or herb garden plants. Most gardeners opt for the quicker method of using plants. These plants can be purchased from local nurseries or purchased via mail order.

Wildlife and Nature – Bring it Home to You

Gardening isn’t only about the plants you grow… a home garden just isn’t complete without the interest and entertainment that animals living in the wild provide. What are some of the beneficial animals can you attract, and how do you go about it?

Top Ten Things to Do in Spring

Ah spring, the season of new beginnings. If you are a list maker or just want some helpful strategies for spring cleaning, this article will be helpful.

Grow Fresh Organic Vegetables – Eliminate the Confusion – Eat Healthy, Make Money

To grow fresh organic vegetables can be a great asset not only to your physical health and well being but could also improve your financial health as well. What is this organic thing all about anyhow? Well I’m sure by now that a “organic produce” section has come to your favorite grocery store.

Tomatoes You’ll Love

If you are happy with the tasteless red rocks the grocery stores sell, under the dubious title of tomatoes, then you may not want to read this article because it is about growing tomatoes you’ll love. It is easy to grow edible tomatoes!

Growing Tomatoes Made Easy – Part 2

There are two ways to plant tomatoes. The first is to buy transplants or start seeds indoors and grow your own transplants. The second way is to plant tomato seeds directly in the garden.

The Best Salad Herbs

A look at 6 different herbs that are great to use in salads and easy to grow. These herbs, like arugula and mint, elevate salads to a whole new level of taste. Growing salad herbs reduces cost at the growing store and add more healthy nutrients to the diet.

A List of a Few Fine Trees to Be Planted in Gardens

With rising cost of the electricity, shade trees for garden or yard are very important. In addition, planting trees is environmentally friendly. Here are the things to consider when choosing trees to plant.

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