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Simple Succulents

Succulents are plants that have evolved and adapted to the natural environment. In some parts of the world, the rainfall is seasonal and the plants growing there have to provide for their water needs by storing it within their tissues. Succulents have achieved this, although as always there are exceptions to the rule. These plants can be grown in either a container or a garden!

Grow Tent – Get a Head Start On Your Garden and Grow Year Long With a Grow Tent

Using a grow tent can jump start your garden by allowing you to grow indoors all year long. Learn about the benefits and features of grow tents, and how you can use them to boost your growing potential.

Clay Soil – Making Natural Nutrients Available To Plants

Clay soil has it’s faults, but it also has many benefits that no other soil has. It is a soil that has outstanding quality if you are up to the challenge of working with it. Improving the structure of clay soil takes some time and patience, and is well worth the investment. Soil conditioners that contain humic acid can be the answer you are looking for.

Knowing How Tomatoes Grow Will Help You Become An Expert Tomato Grower

Tomatoes are a one of a kind fruit. They are pretty big favorites by fruit lovers all around the world. If you look at your favorite food like spaghetti and your favorite ketchup, more than likely you will find a tinge of tomato as an ingredient. This is also scary but almost everyone is jumping on growing tomatoes like some kind of frenzy. In the USA, if you conduct a survey, more than likely every home that has a good amount of space at their back will have a tomato garden.

Lawn Irrigation System – Fescue – How Long and How Often?

You have an automatic lawn irrigation system for your lawn, but how should you use it? Read how long. Read how often.

Choose the Best Fungicide for Powdery Mildew Treatment

Powdery Mildew is a common fungus that attacks a wide variety of plants; it’s easily recognizable and few plants are immune to it. Signs and Symptoms: Mildew appears as a light gray or white powder on infected plants. There are initially few visible spores; however, the fungus spreads quickly, coating leaves, stems, buds and fruit.

Identify and Control Lawn Fungus

Lawn fungus; materializing in numerous colours under varied environmental environmental conditions, it attacks a wide range of grasses. Knowing how to identify it early, before it becomes a major problem, will save both time and money. Anyone who is concerned about the having a beautiful lawn should monitor it for signs of disease, prevent outbreaks if possible and treat disease infestations quickly and effectively.

Greenhouses – What About Your Potting Shed?

So you’ve got your greenhouse done and your garden and storage sheds finished. You’re really happy with them but you can’t shake that feeling that you’re still missing something. Well let me suggest that all you need now is a Propagating and Potting Shed. That’s it, with the addition of that you’ll have everything a good gardener needs. Now it need not actually be a separate structure, you can opt to simply extend one of your existing sheds, either your garden shed or your storage shed. This is also a much less expensive alternative than building another structure altogether.Virtually all commercial nurseries have their propagating and potting facilities separate from their greenhouses and shade-houses. The reason for that is that it gives them more control of what goes into and what comes out of those houses.

Grow Your Own Organic Produce With Aquaponics

Grow your own organic produce with this simple system. This system offers up to 10 times the produce in half the time of a conventional garden. No weeding or digging – guaranteed!

Plant Healthcare Basics: What Is Plant Healthcare and Why Do You Need It?

With the recent rise in plant diseases caused by insects, pests and other environmental issues, Plant healthcare is fast becoming a necessary part of a successful tree care strategy. These days, trees and other plants feel stressed in multiple ways.

The English Garden

It’s a model for gardens all over the world – but what exactly is the ‘English garden?’ Through the centuries the English garden has been many different things, so where do we get our current idea from? The earliest ‘English’ garden that we know of was planted by the Romans in the 1st century AD at the Roman Palace at Fishbourne in the English county of Sussex.

A White Garden

Looking for a garden that’s just a little different, or perhaps one that is ideal for entertaining? There are many arguments in favor of a white garden and none against. This article explains the benefits and provides a list of white varieties of well known plants you can choose to get started.

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