Ten Spring Blooming Shrubs for your Garden

What Contributes to a Higher Yield?

After gaining experience and having a few successful grows, indoor gardeners then start wondering how to get bigger yields. There are different factors that contribute to larger crops and some are more important than others.

Growing Swan Plants for the Kids

Try growing swan plants in your garden for a little bit of fun! Children love them; transporting even adults back to childhood by the wonder of seeing the transformation of an egg into a beautiful butterfly! Find a space in your garden or one of your containers to grow the swan plant

Sir Walter Weed Killer

Sir Walter Weed Killer is another name given to the product “Sir Walter Weed Control”. Sir Walter Weed Control is a Selective Herbicide product that targets different weeds (including bindii, clover, oxalis, dandelions and other broadleaf weeds) in buffalo grass and other lawns. The active constituents that make up this product include Bromoxynil and MCPA. The actual label name for this product is “Amgrow Sir Walter Buffalo Weed Control”. Sir Walter, in a joint venture with Amgrow, has produced a selective herbicide that (according to the label) is a safe and effective herbicide to target broadleaf weeds in buffalo and other grasses. In our experience in the Lawn Care industry, we have found that this herbicide works well in controlling these weeds in Sir Walter Buffalo turf.

Wildflowers Following Nature’s Design

In nature, certain species are found growing together and they form a specific community called a “plant community”. Native plants always grow in association with other native plants to create plant communities that are essentially associations of indigenous species that have evolved over thousands of years and adapted to the specific geography, hydrology and climate of a particular area. The resulting “communities” are really groups of plants that exist together because of the given conditions.

How to Trim Hedges – Tips for Success

Trimming hedges isn’t hard. In fact, it can even be a relaxing way to get out into your yard for a few hours. But with a few tips under your hat before you head out to trim your hedges, things will come out a lot smoother.

Papaver Somniferum – Afghan Pink/White

If you are looking for beautiful Papaver somniferum poppies to grace your garden then you need look no further than the stunning variety Afghan Pink/White. A great new poppy, this delight is a wonderful mix of delicate petals and decadent flair, offering you something really special to sow and grow in your garden flowerbeds and borders.

Using Papaver Somniferum Seeds in Vegetable Patches

You may wonder why, when looking at vegetable patches, people often grow flowers alongside their lettuces and potatoes. With the land turned over to growing food for the kitchen table, space is at a premium and it is important to cram in as many vegetables as possible. So why is it, that flowers are often planted alongside crops due to be harvested for the kitchen?

How to Collect and Store Papaver Somniferum Seeds

For poppy lovers, having these beautiful flowers gracing your garden all year round is an absolute pleasure. With a range of fantastic blooms, Papaver somniferum plants are brilliant for use in any garden, whatever the design. Single, crisp petals are perfect for utilizing in a modern and chic garden, whilst doubled petalled and frilled flowers are ideal for those who want to create some drama to their garden. However, Papaver somniferum poppies, also known as Breadseed poppies, are annual in nature and so if you want to have new plants the following year, it is a good idea to collect and store the seeds.

Use Garden Compost for Great Blooms

Gardeners want great soil to grow great flowers and for this they need compost. Making garden compost is easy to do and the results are beautiful flowers on sturdy, healthy plants.

Autumn, A Season To Plan

Autumn should be celebrated in its own right. Many of the poets wax lyrical about spring and summer, and can be dreary about winter. Unfortunately autumn seems to generally miss out. Autumn is really a good time of the year.

Pine Needles in the Garden – How to Use Them For a Great Mulch

If you have mature pine trees you have pine needles. Pines drop their needles continuously as older ones mature and new ones form. They look like great material for a mulch and compost but some gardeners avoid them. How should you make use of this resource in your garden?

Papaver Somniferum Poppies – Mauve Form

There is a fantastic range of Papaver somniferum poppies available to brighten gardens with, from small and delicate flowers to frilled and double petal blooms that add real decadence to any garden setting. One of the fantastic newer varieties available is that of Mauve Form, a stunning little Breadseed poppy of pink and pale lavender hues.

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