Testing and Remineralising the Soil in a new Polytunnel

How to Create a Beneficial Rain Garden Step by Step

Did you know that with an established rain garden you will have no mosquitoes, no maintenance, no mowing, no weeding, and no regular watering? Did you know that 4 to 12 times more birds visit this type of habitat than their dry counterparts? Discover how to create a beneficial rain garden step by step.

8 Steps to Planting Vegetable Seeds

8 steps to planting vegetable seeds. Sow seeds when conditions are right for that particular vegetable. If the soil is too cold or wet the seed will rot. Mark out the row with a stick, edge of a hoe or your fingers to the depth recommended on the seed packet. If you plant the seed too deep it will not sprout. Check out the other steps.

Tips on How to Plant Flowers

The refreshing beauty of the flowers as well as their pleasant aroma is usually the reason of affection and attraction for most individuals around the globe. In this write up, we are going to look at the tips that will see you grow flowers hassle free. Read on to know more on this.

Growing a Lush and Pest Free Lawn and Garden

Growing a lush green pest free lawn and garden is a feat that many homeowners attempt to achieve each year. Unfortunately there are pests such as insects and weeds that present challenges to homeowners by threatening their green lawns and gardens. The options and choices are sometimes difficult to make and present their own issues such deciding whether or not to use chemicals. These simple and easy to follow tips assist homeowners in their efforts to grow a lush green pest free garden and lawn.

Electric Log Splitters – A Clean Alternative

In an age of increasing environmental awareness, more people are considering firewood as an alternative to other forms of fuel. While burning anything still produces some greenhouse gases, firewood burns far cleaner than competing sources of fuel, and is often regarded as carbon neutral. Trees are certainly renewable resources, in stark contrast to petroleum and coal. Many people have existing wood stoves and fireplaces in their homes, and may be looking for an efficient means of getting an available supply of firewood.

Tips for Cultivating Organic Vegetables

Cultivating organic vegetables is easy, but to assist you, below are some great tips you should know: The first and foremost thing you must do is to choose what you desire to cultivate. There are so many vegetables you could choose, but do not forget that you won’t be able to grow certain vegetables in your local climate so take that into consideration too.

Useful Information About Mulching Around Trees

One of the primary reasons for putting mulch around trees is to make your lawns look more beautiful. Mulch is also known as a sheer layer of untreated or inorganic substances mixed with garden soil.

Titan Controls Helios 14 Grow Lamp Controller 24 Plugs, Item Number 702832

For your indoor garden, you are going to need all of the right supplies. Part of your lighting set up should include a timer, which gives you greater control of the lighting for your plants. This will give you the opportunity to improve the quality of the results while making sure that your plants are not over or under exposed. You can set it up just how you need it to be and let it go, taking out some of the worry while gardening. The Titan Controls Helios 14 timer, which offers a 24, 000 watt capacity and 240 volt power, gives you the opportunity to benefit quite a bit from the possibilities of this type of device. You can be sure that your garden is well cared for and will receive the appropriate amount of lighting.

Vegetable Garden Planning and Diligence

There are multiple benefits to planting vegetable gardens. Vegetable gardens guarantee you fresh in season produce, there’s no need to pick and refrigerate because they stay fresh on the vine. Except of course when they over ripen.

Through the Garden Gate With a Victorian Exotic: Angel Trumpet

Victorians loved the bold, the big and the dramatic in their gardens. The invention of the portable greenhouse, called the Edwardian case, had increased the palette of plant possibilities by the mid 1800’s and specimens from Australia, South America, and Africa became readily available. Victorians went wild for the exotics. If you, too, are moved by a strong desire for an exotic; one blessed with more than the generally allotted share of presence and vintage style, I cry out to you, “Brugmansia!”

How to Select Perfect Grow Light System – 600 Watt Grow Light

There are many things, which one needs to consider when opting for a grow light system. The most important thing is to choose the right wattage of light. This entirely depends upon your energy needs for plants inside your growing area. Some plants need high wattage to grow properly while there are many which can survive on low lights as well. When it comes to right selection of wattage, you may find 600 watt to provide perfect output for your light needs. It covers six feet width and six feet length easily, which offers great use for moderate to high light usage. You must remember that high wattage requires more electricity and hence higher costs to operate. This is one of the reasons, why most people opt for 600 Watt grow light.

Adjusting and Measuring Soil pH

Adjusting and Measuring soil ph seems like a bothersome task to a novice gardener. In reality it is actually quite simple. It is also quite necessary for a successful garden, whether it be Vegetables or Flowers.

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