Testing two common potato growing methods

Health Benefits of a Water Garden

In this fast pasted ‘on the go’ world, we may not realize how the stresses of life affect us. Owners of water gardens boast on a exclusive hideaway, that even through all the chaos of the day causes the mind and soul to be calm. Enjoy the health benefits by installing your own water garden.

The Benefits of an Herb Garden Light

Growing under an herb garden light is a growing trend for those who grow their own herbs. In order to understand the trend, it is beneficial to know the upsides to growing in such conditions. Purists may say it is wrong to grow in anything other than natural conditions.

Now You Can Have Fresh Basil in Your Own Herb Garden

How to grow basil. Soil and weather requirements to grow basil. Growing basil indoors.

Fun Gardening Activities For Kids

Gardening is an activity that parents should actively involve their kids with. This may require a little patience and persuasion but with a couple of fun activities and ideas, engaging them in your gardening escapades will be a breeze.

Garden Ideas For a Small Garden

Gardening enthusiasts does not require a huge space to keep them going. A small patch of space in your backyard can be converted to a beautiful garden. First things first. Before any gardening activity is undertaken, you have to evaluate the space as to what type of garden you wish to have. It is very crucial since you need to create a landscape that you can enjoy for years. Gardens come in varying shapes and sizes so you have to know the purpose of the garden, what you want your garden to emphasize and the amount of maintenance that you prefer.

The Many Benefits of School Gardening

Getting kids to learn how to cultivate fruits and vegetables is not an easy task. However, it should be noted that gardening can make children problem solvers with very less effort.

How to Start a School Garden

Introducing gardening projects to school kids can be tough, other than it being messy. Teachers would require a lot of help, a couple of eager volunteers, gardening tools and equipment, and a knowledgeable adviser. The latter should be able to make the teacher and the students understand that setting up a school garden isn’t always about dirty vegetables and lessons in the rain.

Home and Garden Tips

This article explains basic, universal tips for beginning your garden. It also provides tips for keeping your lawn healthy.

How to Dry and Store Your Fresh Garden Herbs

For anyone who wants to make optimal use of their flourishing fresh herb garden, this article will give you a rundown on the different methods of preservation and the best time to harvest those herbs. When to crop and how to preserve your home-grown herbs has a lot to do with how you intend to use them once they are harvested. If this is your first time growing herbs, then the advice here will help you a plenty.

Hydroponic Systems Are Easy and Dirt Free Gardening

Hydroponic systems are believed to aid you to surpass the productivity of soil growing plants. Because of this there are people that want to try or experience this method. In the near future this will truly be an environmentally controlled agriculture that most of the gardeners and cultivators would enjoy. If you are interested in experiencing this kind of gardening, it is best to know the different types of systems available so that you can better distinguish between the varieties that suit you best.

How to Create Attractive Window Boxes in Ten Minutes

Window boxes are your own patches of Mother Nature. Small as it is, window boxes can be ideal solutions to people who love gardening but does not have enough space to create a full garden. Their colors adds more life to your house from the outside with their vibrant colors and from the inside, you feel inches closer to nature whenever you look outside.

On Planting Your First Seed

Perhaps, the must fulfilling part in gardening is when you see your seeds grow. When you’re a newbie at gardening, one of the most common apprehensions is in testing whether you have a green thumb or not. Once you see your first seed from the seed you planted though, all your worries just go away and replaced by happiness and excitement.

Garden Statuary Fountains

Statuary fountains gives enhancement to your lifeless garden. It is often use to assign a theme into your garden. The decoration of the exterior part of your house is as important as decorating your interiors. Decorating the outer part of your home can be very exciting. You would want to always be there to feel the warmth of the air whenever you’re there.

Liquid Lawn Fertilizer

Liquid lawn fertilizers are great for trees and shrubs. It is used to improve plant development, root structure, reduce stream and heat pressure. It can also protect the plants from frost damage and it can be absorbed readily through the leaves.

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