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Permaculture – What Is It?

A brief overview of what permaculture is, and where to find out more about it. Includes the 12 design principles of Permaculture.

Planting Season Begins in February for Southern California Gardeners

February is time to prepare Southern California gardens for spring by pruning citrus trees and rose bushes, planting cool weather vegetables and tackling weeds. Plant Bulbs: It’s time to plant summer bulbs. Some gardeners have been storing their bulbs in the refrigerator to keep them dormant.

Steps on How to Grow a Rose From Stem Cuttings

Roses are good symbols of love, purity, innocence, appreciation, joy, gladness or even simplicity. They have a wide variety of colours and looks. Roses can be red, white, yellow, pink and even blue. Each of the colours has representations and people can easily determine the real intent of a person who is giving a lady a bouquet of roses. Sometimes, the intensity of the feeling towards someone is also seen when they look for the unusual colours of roses. They simply mean that they have been exerting their efforts on it. Regardless of the colour, it is an undeniable fact that roses are always loved and adored by many people.

November in the Vegetable Garden

November in the vegetable garden and winter is beginning to take hold. Beds that were filled with late season produce are now laid bare, stems of runner beans have died off twisted around their supports and the greenhouse is all but emptied. However, there will be a few winter crops growing strong. Winter brassicas such as kale and Brussels sprouts and beds of winter lettuce will provide a welcome taste of home produce during the winter months. There are still jobs to be done in even the smallest vegetable garden, there are some early varieties of spring crops to be sown and plenty of tidying to be done. So before you wrap up and head outside take a moment to read through this short list of essential jobs to be doing in the vegetable garden during November.

November in the Flower Garden

November in the garden and winter has really begun to creep in. This month is all about last chances and tidying in readiness for the cold months ahead. From cleaning out bird nesting boxes to raking up fallen leaves and removing dead foliage. However, there are still some planting jobs that can be done in preparation for next spring. So its well worth putting on some arm clothes and getting out in the garden when the weather permits. But before you do take a few moments to study this short reminder of some of the essential things you should be doing in the flower garden during November.

Important Aquaponics Supplies You Must Consider For Your Aquaponics Garden To Be A Success

There are a number of aquaponics supplies you must consider for your aquaponics garden to be a success. Using the correct supplies to build and operate your aquaponics garden will keep it producing healthy organic vegetables and fish for years to come. Take the time and consider carefully the supplies you will use in your aquaponics garden.

Pros And Cons Mushroom Growing Kits

Mushroom growing kits are a good way of getting ones share of spores without trouble. However, difficulties in the process cannot be rules out altogether.

October in the Flower Garden

October and Autumn is making its presence known in the garden. Leaves are beginning to fall and the flower border is looking a bit sad. Tidying up and preparing for the winter ahead are the main tasks in the garden this month. However, there is also plenty to be done in preparation for next spring. So before you go out into the garden take a minute to check this short reminder of some of the essential things to be doing in the flower garden during October.

October in the Vegetable Garden

October and autumn has come to the vegetable garden. There are still some crops to harvest but the main tasks for this month are tidying and preparing for the winter ahead. However, even in the smallest vegetable garden there are still things you can do to prepare for next spring and also to ensure that you have some fresh homegrown vegetables to see you through the winter months. So before you venture outside take a moment to check this short reminder of some of the essential things to be doing in the vegetable garden during October.

How to Grow Small Trees And Gardening

Many people enjoy having small trees in their gardens. These can be both decorative and functional, but it’s important to consider a few things before planting a tree in your garden. First, be sure to do your research to determine how large the tree will become.

Using French Tarragon

French tarragon is a frequent addition to every cook’s spice cabinet and it makes its appearance on grocery shelves every year as the holiday season approaches. As well-known as this herb is, its use is often a mystery. What makes this herb so special and distinctive? How can it be used in your kitchen?

Restructuring Your Winter Garden

Many see the winter as a time to lay gardening work by the wayside, though the dormant state of winter gardens makes the season an ideal time for restructuring and maintenance. By getting active with the work gardeners can keep busy over winter, as well as guaranteeing an attractive garden.

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