The COMPLETE Guide to Getting Rid of Scale Insects

How to Build a Grape Trellis

A grape trellis can be as basic or decorative as you choose. In commercial vineyards, the trellis is a simple affair made from a series of upright poles or posts with suitable wire strung between them. The vine is trained up stakes positioned about four feet apart, and then pruned so that it grows laterally along the wire.

The Gardening Brochure – A Gardener’s Visionary Tool

Gardening brochures, whether they arrive as a monthly edition, or with each season, glossy or plain paper, are a handy ready-reckoner for planning the coming season’s garden display, access to hard to get plant varieties, and the replacement of worn out-tools or apparel. This is a great time of vision for most gardeners and many idle hours are taken up, traipsing through the garden in the mind. Oh!

Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

Many otherwise new vegetable gardeners never get grow a vegetable garden because they are unsure how to get started. Even with the wealth of information available, they find it impossible to organize this information in a way that allows them to grow the vegetables of their dreams. Don’t let this happen to you! If you dream of growing your own delicious, organic veggies, then get started today!

A Hydroponic System – Grow Your Own Fresh Produce

A hydroponic system at your home can be the best way to ensure that you have access to fresh fruits and vegetables all year long. Produce at the grocery stores can be subjects to chemicals, pesticides and bacterial through improper handling. Many people have become sick through grocery produce. Weather disasters have also been responsible for a lack of produce that can drive prices very high. The one sure way to know that you will have fresh organic produce is to grow your own. They hydroponic system is the way to do this.

Tomatoes Don’t Need Chemicals and Neither Do You

Every chemical you spray on or mix into the soil of your tomato garden is going to become part of your diet. To be healthy and produce a delicious harvest your tomatoes don’t need chemicals and neither do you. Yes, there are pests that will try to make a banquet out of your garden. But, they don’t get to. You’re in charge!

How to Get a Lawn That is Gorgeous, Green, and Weed Free

Are you tired of struggling to get a green, healthy lawn every spring? Have you broken your back more than once installing a new lawn or spreading new grass seed, only to have turn to weeds in a matter of months? Frustrating isn’t? You bet it is.

Plan a Xeriscape Yard For Water Efficiency

Xeriscape landscaping does not just include gravel, rocks and cacti. By choosing from the many drought tolerant native plants, you can have a colorful and attractive yard that takes little maintenance and is water-efficient. Use this starter list of water-wise plants to create your own xeriscape landscape.

What Can I Plant to Attract Bees and Other Beneficial Insects to My Home Vegetable Garden?

Yes they sting but they can also be a great friend in your home vegetable gardening by encouraging a better environment through affective pollination. Here are some plants you can grow to encourage bees (and other beneficial insects) to stop by and make your garden their home.

How to Use a Pesticide Sprayer Safely

Small Pump up Pesticide Sprayer are important tools for creating a beautiful lawn and garden. However, they do have many design weakness that can pose potential dangers, if you are unaware of them. Find out what they are and how to operate a pesticide sprayer properly.

When Should I Plant Tomatoes? Three Gardening Time Management Tips For a Busy Life

Remember your goal is to grow nice and juicy tomatoes! A little time management is all you need to take the fretting away and balance the busy family life and planting tomato gardening tips.

Why 4 Tier Mini Greenhouses Are So Popular

If you enjoy gardening and are looking for a way to keep your plants thriving throughout the year then there is simply nothing better than a mini greenhouse. A miniature greenhouse operates in much the same way that a commercial greenhouse does, but on a much smaller scale and without many of the added complexities of a larger structure.

History of the Japanese Red Maple Bonsai

The Japanese Red Maple Bonsai’s origins are derived from the Japanese Red Maple tree. This deciduous tree was first brought to the world’s attention when a Swedish doctor and botanist Carl Thunberg drew the tree in Japan and took the drawing with him back home. Read on.

Cutting Trees and Shrubs

Cutting down the trees and grass across is essential to maintain its beauty. Garden shears and electric trimmer are appropriate tools for cutting down the shrubs and trees.

Annuals For Spring and Summer Flowers

At the time of writing, spring has just sprung so it is the time to start planting up your annuals for spring and summer flowers. (if you are in another hemisphere, or reading this in another season – just bookmark it and come back!) Or if winter and frozen ground lingers, then plan what you will plant – especially if you are buying online and need to take into account delivery time from across the country.

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