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Basic Tomato Growing Tips – 6 Simple Steps to Healthy High Yielding Plants

Growing your own tomatoes is becoming an increasingly popular hobby. But although it’s a relatively easy hobby, many “first timers” are encountering one or two basic beginner problems. Here are some simple tomato growing tips that can help you get over these frustrating hurdles.

Growing Tomato Plants – A Potted Information Guide For Beginners

Growing tomato plants in your own outdoor vegetable garden is something that many of us think about but quite often never get around to doing. Let me tell you, growing tomatoes is easy to do and nothing compares to the taste of your own fresh organically grown tomatoes.

Keeping Your Flower Beds Weed Free Forever

If gardening is a passion of yours, then the bane of your existence must surely be weeds. No matter how hard you try, these little unsightly things keep popping up day after day and keep you on your toes yanking and pulling them out. It is a never ending job and can make even the most green of thumbs wither in disgust after awhile. If you identify with this at all, maybe it is time you did something about it once and for all.

Tulipa “Armani”

Usually it takes an average of twenty years to create, launch and market a new tulip. A few years ago was introduced the bicolor tulip “Armani”, and it was an immediate success.

Rose Flower Meanings Based on Number

Roses can be meaningful not only through colours but also through the number of roses given. A single red rose can express a lot of thought depending on how much it bloomed.

Herb Garden Plants For Italian Food Lovers

Walk into any Italian restaurant and you’re immediately assaulted by the most wonderful smells. Italian herbs make Italian cuisine among the best in the world. And if you’re an Italian food lover like most people, why not grow all those special herbs right in your own back yard. Your favorite dishes will taste better because the herbs are fresh, and in this article we tell you what herbs to grow, and how to grow them.

The Basics in Growing Roses Indoors

For people who want to add a touch of nature inside their home, there is an assortment of roses that can be grown indoors. These kinds of roses are not hard to find, and I’m almost sure your local gardening shops are selling these. Indoor roses can greatly improve your living space by providing some visual energy boost to a once boring room, whether you’re in the city or in the countryside.

The Essentials of Growing Miniature Roses

Miniature roses brag of being the favorite breed of rose gardening newbies because of their superb characteristics. Like many kinds of roses, miniature rose can be purchased in a wide array of hues and breeds that caters to everyone’s own fancy. Even though there are so many variants, miniature roses require the same form of care compared to the other breeds, but lesser amount. This is the reason miniature roses are just right for hobbyists who are starting to learn rose gardening.

Shed Accessories – What is Available?

There are many products which allow you to add features to your garden buildings to add security, lighting or weather protection. If you have a shed that needs something extra, listed below are some of the most commonly used shed accessories.

Greenhouses Plans – What to Consider Before Building

If you are a gardening enthusiast, building your own greenhouse will probably give you the most amount of satisfaction. With a greenhouse, you will be able to control the environment in which your plants will grow. This amount of control will ensure that your plants will be getting only the best treatment they need.

How to Grow Your Own Vegetables, Or Not – The Mid Life Devil’s Advocate View

Our parents’ generation took it for granted that they would grow their own vegetables. Most of us Mid Lifers are used to buying all of our food at the supermarket. Now, there is a trend towards growing vegetables at home and that is to be welcomed. Seeds can be purchased in your supermarket or at the garden centre. So there you are, off you go, easy!

Aero Grow – Your Secret to a Low Maintenance Indoor Herb Garden

We live within a world of automation, and this has also extended itself to people that love to grow herbs at home. The Aero Garden product line has designed a great system which makes it very easy for anybody to start and grow their own home herb garden, 365 days a year and any kind of conditions.

Organic Pest Control – Timed Planting

Timing the planting and harvesting of your crops properly can be very rewarding. Plant crops earlier or later to avoid the most damaging of pest cycles.

Organic in the Garden – Why Use a Compost Bin?

We all know that compost is good for the Garden. We know what to put in a compost.

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