The Flower Pillows for 2019 Are Here!

A Scented Garden

Why bother with aroma therapy when you can spend you leisure time surrounded by the fragrance of a scented garden? While few gardens have the climate for lemon trees, a lemon scent can be experienced in many flowers, there are several lemon scented varieties of geranium and many lemon scented herbs, such as thyme.

Make Your Dried Herbs

If you decide to make some dried herbs for your kitchen, the best period to collect your herbs is in the late summer because some herbs begin to decline with the weather turning cool. During the day, morning will be best harvest time to pick up your herbs. When you do the cutting work in your garden, remember to take a good look at the health status of your chosen herb and remove the diseased leaves and insects.

Sow Tomato Seeds Early for a Bumper Harvest

A look at how to sow tomato seeds so that you can start them early to get a bumper harvest. How to propagate tomato seeds and then grow them on so you can plant them out.

Top Tips On Choosing Your First Bonsai Tree

When choosing a bonsai, the ensuing factors must to be held into consideration before making your eventual selection. Whilst selecting a bonsai tree you will perceive that there is a vast variety obtainable. Bonsai have many styles including formal, cascade, and more.

Hydroponic Solutions

This article discusses some facts about hydroponic solutions that are a vital part of a good hydroponics kits. It mainly focuses on how to adequately concoct hydroponic solutions and ends with some advice on which is the best mix of nutrients to purchase to make them.

Factors That Affect The Natural Process Of Composting

Compost is a key ingredient in organic gardening. As basic and natural as it is, there are a few key environmental factors that affect the speed of the composting process, and the quality of the end product. Food, air, moisture, temperature, particle size, and volume are all key factors that affect composting.

CFL Bulbs for Hydroponics

This article focuses on the use of Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs when you grow food and other plants through hydroponics. It describes CFL bulbs and how they work, and then goes on to mention the benefits they entail if you choose to use them!

St Augustine Grass Lawn Care and Mowing Tips for Landscapers and Home Owners

St Augustine Lawn Care and Mowing Tips are important to keep in mind if you are a home owner, lawn mowing contractor or landscaper. St Augustine turf is one of many different turf or grass varieties on the market. St Augustine lawn (otherwise known as Buffalo turf in Australia) is scientifically known as Stenotaphrum secundatum. There are many varieties marketed in both North America and Australia. The popular North American brands include Captiva, Floratine, Floratam, Palmetto, Raleigh and so on. There are a few others called ST26, ST85 and ST91 St Augustine. These ST varieties are a declining Buffalo type simply because they exhibit extremely low tolerance to the broadleaf weed herbicides that are registered for use on Buffalo / St Augustine. Also, it is known they have shorter root systems (than the more reliable) grasses so they exhibit lower drought tolerance. The Australian brands include Sir Walter (this has the largest market share and is the most popular), Sapphire, Matilda, Shademaster, Kings Pride and so on. All the Australian Buffalo grasses can be sprayed (safely) with all the registered herbicides without negative effect.

Caring for Knockout Roses Is Simple

The Knockout Rose was bred specifically to be hardy and it is the easiest rose for a beginner to grow. This article illustrates the very basic care necessary for this very tough, but still beautiful rose.

The Effect of Flooding in Soils – Part 2

Which Nutrients are Affected in Saturated Soils? The summer season of 2010/2011 has seen widespread flooding in many areas, and the “heavier than normal” snowfalls during the winter period have also contributed to saturated soil conditions.

Growing Organic Pumpkins

If you use floating row covers, you can transplant pumpkins to your garden a couple weeks before the last anticipated frost. Growing organic pumpkins is simple… learn how in this post.

Why You Should Plant Heirloom Seeds

The term “heirloom” implies that something has been saved for many years and passed down through the generations unchanged. This is what makes a seed an heirloom; it has remained unhybridized for many (possibly hundreds) of years.

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