The Formal Garden Planting and Update

Milky Spore

Did you ever search for a magic bullet and thought it wasn’t attainable? To control moles, lawn grubs, and Japanese Beetles with one product, your search has ended. Milky Spore is the product that will do everything for you.

Lawn Grubs

If you have raised concerns about lawn grubs and how you can control them, read on. It is likely that late summer will be the time of year that lawn grub damage will start to show up. Although various lawns may be spared the damage, this insect can devastate your lawn in a short period of time.

How To Water Orchids Properly, Most Overdo This!

Watering orchids is very crucial for their continuous growth and survival. The watering techniques for orchids usually differ depending on the species that you are cultivating at home. Different species require different amounts of water. Having an idea of where your specific orchid originated from can also guide you in this task.

How to Get Field Mice Out of Your Garden

Field mice are a headache to gardeners and farmers in general. You can’t hide anything in your garden, even your root crops and fruit vegetables are not spared by the destructive characters of these rodents.

Grow Beautiful African Violet Houseplants Using Hydroponics

African Violets are lush colorful small houseplants and are favorites throughout the world. Most people dearly love African Violets because they are beautiful, abundant flowering plants that take little room and can grow in nearly any corner or on a window sill. Did you know you can grow beautiful African Violets using hydroponic gardening? It is soil-less, using nutrients that feed the root system. The flowers are twice as healthy and much more lush if grown hydroponically.

What Are Herbaceous Perennials?

Herbaceous perennials are plants that while perennial are non woody. The structure of these plants are different from woody plants.

Upsidedown Tomatoes: The Easy and Quick Way To Grow Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes upsidedown is a tricky and unusual method of growing tomatoes, but I am going to give you pointers on how to go about it, and hopefully a bountiful harvest. Because the tomato plants will be hanging upside down, they will have better all round circulation to the soil and also the plant.

Solar Garden Lights: A Great Way To Improve Your Outdoors Attractiveness

If there was a simple and effective way to improve the look of your outdoors without adding too much to your monthly utilities bill would you do it? With solar garden lights you get the benefit of both beauty and no monthly electricity bills. There’s no limit to the beautifying and relaxing abilities of great solar garden lights.

Harvesting Your Herbs

It is early January and here you sit thinking about the upcoming spring planting season. It comes to you that this is the year that you are going to put in an herb garden.

Better Greenhouse Effect

Having a green thumb is definitely one of the best gifts a human could possess. Choosing of the right staging units would surely boost the growth of plants in a garden or greenhouse.

The Benefits Of Having An Herb Garden

Growing your own fresh herbs is the best way to have good nutrition, the best of herb flavors in your cooking and especially salads where the flavor of herbs is so revered. Learn more about why you should have your own fresh herb garden.

Bonsai Care Instructions

Since a bonsai tree is being grown in an unnatural and restrictive environment, its care entails attentiveness and patience. Here are bonsai care instructions to help you provide the right conditions for your bonsai to thrive.

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