The Grand Garden Show on Mackinac Island

Too Much Harvest, Not Enough Time

If you are like me at the end of the gardening season each year I vow that next year it will be different and I will plant a smaller vegetable garden. I make plans for it and then after winter drags on forever I can’t wait for the first day the soil is able to be worked.

How to Encourage Wildlife to Visit Your Garden and Yard

I love the outdoors and love wildlife, especially when I can coax them to come near my house and hang out in my yard. One of the main reasons I chose my current house and that my wife and kids love it so much is its location in the woods. We love having wildlife around and we do have lots of it, although it is not always visible without some work. Although maybe I don’t want to encourage skunks and bears to come near the house and be visible, although they have visited my yard, most wildlife adds a lot, whether birds, squirrels, turtles, or others. How can you encourage wildlife to visit?

A Cane Berry Patch Backyard

Do you love fresh berries? How about taking a walk out in the yard and gathering a bunch fresh picked.

The Last Harvest Of The Year

The last harvest of the year is always the most bountiful and yet most people do not take advantage of it and it’s power. I am talking of course about the fall leaves that are building up on lawns all across America.

Grape Growing Success Depends On Proper Land Selection

Grape growing revolves around a set of rules and if you follow them you will be successful. You just have to make sure that your product is superior and of high quality whether it is eating grapes or for making wines or even for nursery cultivation.

Are You A Master Gardener Candidate?

Are you a candidate to be a Master Gardener? Seems like it would take a lot to be a master gardener.

Wine Making in America

This article is about the history of wine making in America. You will learn many interesting facts including how American vine varieties differ from those in Europe and the marriage between American and European varieties through hybridizing.

Prevention Of Winter Burn On Your Plants

Winter burn on evergreens is damage to the leaves caused by cold winds. The winds dries out the leaves and that cause the damage.

Outdoor Furniture Sale – Tips on When to Find the Bargains

If you’re like most people, me included, you’re looking for the best possible bargains when you buy at an outdoor furniture sale. With the economy so uncertain, it makes sense to shop sensibly and make sure your buying dollar gets the best value possible. Plus, I just hate to pay full price! So when can you find the outdoor furniture sale bargains?

Growing Plants in the City

There is something enticing about choosing to stay in a big city. Most of the time, you will be living a life that is truly the fast life, full of new twists and turns to the ordinary. However, being confined in a concrete matchbox is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Growing Table Grapes For Fresh Consumption

A successful grape grower is one who knows how to grow grape. This article will arm you with the accurate knowledge that you’ll need to learn how to grow table grapes. You will learn many interesting facts including the different types of table grapes and selecting a cultivar.

Growing Grapes From Seeds, Explained

Growing grapes from seed is possible. Even first-timers can do so with a little help. Many people are interested to delve into this, probably because of the great satisfaction that will come after the seeds start to grow.

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