The Grower’s Paradox

Choosing The Most ‘Sociable’ Foods for Your Events

Food isn’t just about keeping your stomach lined and avoiding hunger pangs, it’s also a very social activity which serves an important role at any gathering or event. Food gives you something to focus on while you socialise with friends and chat, and it gives you something to talk about. It ensures that everyone enjoys themselves, and provides a shared experience that will ensure everyone has fond memories of their time together.

Creating A Shade Garden For Those Hot Summer Days

A shade garden is a novel idea that I had never heard of until I visited some of the more colonial sections of the South like Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina. The Victorian homes were very box-like and I suppose the lack of central air conditioning back then made the necessity for shaded seating areas a wide-spread one. When I got my first up-close glimpse of a shaded garden, I knew that once I got back home, my new project for the back yard had virtually chosen itself for me.

The Department Of Home Landscaping Security

A few years back, after a rash of home burglaries in and around my neighborhood, my husband and I started doing research into ways that we could make our home more secure. Both being avid gardeners and landscapers, we were pleased to find that there were a number of ways we could make our home more burglar-proof with some simple landscaping and gardening tricks. Of course, we were a little upset that we didn’t think of these on our own, but our little discovery led to years of discovery.

Greener Gardens – Eco Friendly Gardening Advice

We all love being able to inject a little nature into our lives through the infinite magic of gardens. But having the nature present seems a little counter-productive if it’s not maintained in an environmentally friendly way. Fortunately, these tips can help you get on the right path.

Growing Fresh Herbs

Growing your own herbs outside may not be possible year-round. However, most herbs can be grown indoors and kept for the entire year, ready for cooking at any time.

Gardening 101 – PH of Soil Is CRITICAL to Maximize Uptake of Macro and Micro Nutrients

There is a saying “Feed the Soil Not the Plant” that every organic gardener should live by. BUT without the pH of soil being in an optimal range a plant has problems absorbing available nutrients. Many times a gardener may think his plants have a disease when it is really a pH problem. Another problem is a high pH of soil can look like the nitrogen in soil, potassium in soil, or the phosphorus in soil is deficient. The pH of soil is the lifeblood of any garden.

How to Design a Flag

Flags are fabric banners that display a specific design, company logo or message. They have many uses, including attracting the attention of new customers, displaying a national symbol or just increasing the attractiveness of an area.

How To Keep Your Garden Pest-Free Naturally

Keeping your garden pest-free might prove to be a big challenge. However, you can avoid using harsh chemicals and other manufactured products, if you try these natural pest-repellents.

Microgreens: Bring Spring Inside

Learn how to bring spring indoors by growing tasty, nutritious microgreens right at home. Spruce up all your favorite foods and snap out of your winter funk!

Numerous Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

There are numerous benefits about growing your own food. One of the benefits is to reduce your grocery expenses. Eating healthy foods is another benefit.

On Rescuing Baby Birds Found on the Ground

Many people with the best of intentions hurry to the rescue of baby birds they find on the ground. In more cases than not, this is a job best left either to the adult birds or to a wildlife rescue center.

Herbs for Edible Walls

Whilst you can grow a wide variety of plants and shrubs in a living wall, or, if you prefer, an edible wall, one of the most popular types of plants to grow, for obvious reasons, are herbs. This article will outline a few of the many herbs which are ideal for use in edible walls and vertical allotments.

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