The Hardiest Perennials for Canada

My First Greenhouse

Growing up in south Florida there was really no need for a greenhouse instead we had shade houses instead. Same purpose opposite action.

Getting to Know When to Use Fertilizers

Not everybody has a green thumb and even if you go to great lengths in caring for a plant somewhere along the way it doesn’t prosper. Once this happens you sometimes get discourage and leave all the things about this green species to your mother. At a certain point it might be the right thing to do but what if you have this special joy in caring for flowers and plants. It doesn’t hurt to research on this particular hobby of yours and you end up knowing about the use of fertilizers in the end…

Creating Healthy Organic Soil

Soil improvement is an important part of any organic garden and in this article you will find information on how you can provide your plants with the best nutrients to support plant growth. You will have excellent information on the many benefits of composting and details on how to start a composting pile.

Simple Seed Storage Tips

For the home gardener, saving your own seeds is a beneficial practice. Not only does it save you money, because you’re not having to purchase new seeds every year, but you’re also ensuring a bit or survival safety if things every get really bad and you need to rely on the fruits and vegetables you grow as a source of food for survival.

Plants, Commercial Planters, and Furniture For Your Tropical Garden

Since most tropical plants require humid soil all the time, a good irrigation system is a must. The key for this to work in non-tropical regions is to place the plants in modern planters with built-in irrigation system.

Orchids Health – Keeping Your Orchids Healthy

Of all the houseplants that are available today, orchids are probably one of the most beautiful that you can find. Generally orchids are harder to take care of than other plants and may require more attention and care to grow properly. Caring for them can be very rewarding when you see the final results of your hard work and care.

More About Orchid Pots

With the number of orchid enthusiasts being on the rise, one needs to be aware of the best way to cultivate orchids. Orchids are known for their need for extreme care with great attention to be channeled towards its watering, selection of potting medium, orchid pots, fertilizing and its location. Shopping for the orchid pots brings about a variety of choices with each suited for different types of orchids.

Why You Should Become a Tree Steward

Have you heard of a Tree Steward before? Do you know why trees are so important? Do you know the top ten reasons why we should take care of our trees?

Simple Effective Gardening Soil Techniques

There are lots of gardening soil techniques which can all be beneficial at improving your soil. Burning and ballasting is one technique that is best suited for larger out of town gardens which don’t have smoke or smog zones. This technique involves making a slow burning bonfire and placing clay soil all over the bonfire.

How To Improve Your Gardening Soil

There are many techniques for improving your gardening soil, each beneficial to itself but providing the greatest impact when used in combination with each other. Soot can improve the soil by darkening it thereby helping it to stay warm since dark surfaces will absorb the from the sun. Dark soil can be 1 to 2 degrees warmer than lighter soil under the same conditions.

What Are General Purpose Gardening Tools

Buying new gardening tools merits careful forethought. The new tools should be needed and effective, of a good study design, reasonably priced and safe to use. All sharp parts should be covered with guards, economical to maintain and easy to use.

Why Do All Gardens Need Gardening Manure

If you want to produce grate crops in your garden then your soil needs to contain various gardening manures and lime which is replenished at regular intervals. The organic matter within the soil is being continually broken down and with out fresh annual applications of bulky manures, the crumb structure and efficiency of drainage will rapidly deteriorate. Certain foods can be supplied to the soil by means of farmyard manure or compost in addition to those gained from fertilizers.

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