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Container Gardening – The World is Your Garden!

For some people there is nothing more exhilarating than the beauty of nature abounding right outside their door. The lush greens, the vibrant colors, the rich textures – the smell of fresh earth; the tranquility of a garden! But if you live in a condo or an apartment; where do you garden?

A Terrarium – A Recycling Craft For Children

The children (aged 4 & 6) who live across the road are eager to return to school, or should I say their Mom is eager! Today, she had kept them busy making terrariums out of soda bottles that had been going into their recycling bins.

5 Benefits of Gardens & Gardening

Life was created in the Garden of Eden. Since then ‘we’ have always had infinity with the environment in which we surround ourselves. Here I’ve listed 5 Benefits to Gardens and Gardening, so why not get started!

How to Make a Free Flower Garden by Shopping From Your Existing Landscaping

I recall a beautiful day last spring when it was just barely getting warm enough to spend the day outside in the yard doing what I love to do the most, creating a garden area. I like to do something different each yard to have a unique look. So I had to come up with a unique idea.

The Right Time to Plant Roses

“The best time to plant roses is in early spring,” some would say. Others would disagree and quip, “Actually, roses are best planted in early winter when they’re dormant!” So, which is it really?

Hanging Tomato Planter

There is nothing better than a fresh tomato from your very own garden. If you want that reward of growing your own tomatoes but don’t have enough room in your garden for the tomato plant, then all you need to do is make a small amount of space outdoors in any place that gets direct sunlight and has enough room that you can hang a potted plant.

Go Green With a Garden Shed Greenhouse

For avid gardeners or someone looking for a backyard project, a garden shed or greenhouse is a good idea. The most prominent benefit is the possibility for year-round gardening, regardless of the climate you live in. Combining the functions of a shed and a greenhouse gives space for storing gardening supplies and growing healthy flowers, vegetables and plants throughout the year.

The Joys of Organic Gardening

I like the idea of feeding my family freshly harvested fruits and vegetables that are free from pesticides. Last spring I decided I would take our President’s lead and plant an organic vegetable garden of my own. I was amazed by how much produce I was able to grow and how rewarding the experience was.

Growing Miniature Roses – Major Advantages Over Big Rose Bushes

I just can’t say enough good things about growing miniature roses. Because of the versatility and multitude of uses of the mini they are great for the veteran grower and because of the heartiness of the mini they are easy to grow making them ideal for the budding rose gardener. The miniature rose is a newcomer to the rose world being less then a hundred years old.

Rose Bush Care – Using the Best Fertilizer

An important part of rose bush care is of course using the proper fertilizer. You’ve got your synthetic chemical fertilizers and your organic fertilizers. Plants have been on this earth for millions of years and doing just fine without the help of man.

The Year End For the Gardener

In industrial areas where you own a greenhouse, grime should be removed from the glass with a detergent, always provided that the gutters do not lead to a water tank, as they often do! Conservatory plants should be returned from the house to the greenhouse as soon as the flowers have faded.

Bulk Vegetable Seeds to Start a Small Farm in Your Backyard

Bulk vegetable seeds are perfect to purchase if you want to start a small farm or even an oversized kitchen garden in your backyard since you can get discounts from bulk orders, at the same time you can grow different kinds of organic vegetables. Starting a simple vegetable garden or a small farm in your backyard can certainly save you a lot of expenses when it come to food. It can also give you joy knowing that what you are eating is clean and healthy and that you actually grew it yourself. Starting a garden is more likely a combination of exercise and inexpensive healthy diet.

Cold Frames and Hot Beds – Get a Jump on Spring

Cold frames, hotbeds and cold frame greenhouses are loved by gardeners to provide a small protected growing area to extend the growing season. Either by building your own or buying a simple to install kit, you can get a jump on spring.

End of December Gardening

The herbaceous border may be tidied and digging between the plants may continue, providing the ground is not waterlogged. You are however going to be more concerned with indoor plants than outdoor.

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