The Runner Beans Suddenly Stopped

Secret Garden Sanctuary

You deserve your own garden sanctuary. Visualize an almost-secret space in your garden, even spiritual, where you can sit, stare, sleep, think, read, or sip tea. Everyone should have such a secluded spot. And it must be a separate place where you cannot see the garden chores staring at you, but one which gives you a stunning view of your flowers, the ocean, a stream, or the woods. You want to feel cosy, enclosed, surrounded, safe.

The Compost Heap – An Organic Gardener’s Best Friend

Just what exactly makes compost simply ideal? Compost really does a number of things to help the soil that unnatural or synthetic fertilizers are not able to do. The organic and natural matter inside of compost assists just how water interacts along with your soil.

Back Yard Bird Garden

Make your back yard a haven for birds and all kinds of wildlife. With just a little work, it can be done quite easily. Then enjoy life with all your friends and family.

Vertical Versatility – Gardens Growing Up

Some plants don’t actually climb; they may scramble, creep, or trail, but with a little help, it will look like they do. The scramblers and thornbearers, like roses and bougainvillea, can grow upward through shrubs, but for direction and design, need to be secured to a structure. As for the self-supporting climbers, their attaching methods vary.

Get in Touch With Your Scent Sense

Color is usually the first thing that grabs your attention when you walk into a garden, then perhaps size or shapes. It is the seeing, the visual aspect which inspires the ooohs and aaahs. But it’s the olfactory sense, too, which craves equal gratification. A garden without fragrance is only half a garden. So many plants have been hybridized for more brilliant colors, larger flowers, or to be more pest resistant. Often it’s the fragrance that flees with the hybridization.

Secrets on Basil Growing Indoors

Growing basil indoors may seem awkward and intimidating at first but it can be fairly straight forward when you actually start growing these wonderful herbs. The basil must be planted in a nutrient-rich and well drained soil as soil type is a major factor in planting any kind of plants.

How to Save Money and Have The Garden You Want

You can double or triple your plant collection. How many times have you gone to the garden center and bought several of the same plants to fill a flower bed?

When to Prune Your Roses

Pruning roses is important. It will make them healthier, prettier, keeps your plants within bounds, direct growth as you like, and of course improve flowering. It’s also easy to do but when should you prune your roses?

Garden Accessories and Decor

Gardens can have many things that add to their interest and appeal. Subtle placing of accessories can really enhance enjoyment and functionality.

Pruning Roses – The 3 Types of Pruning Cuts

Roses need proper pruning, and although my wife has traditionally done the rose bush pruning, I’ve started taking over. It’s fairly straightforward, especially if you understand the 3 pruning cuts and have good, well cared for, and sharp pruning tools. I find I use all three types on cuts on my rose bushes.

How and Where to Buy Bulbs

Buying bulbs is fairly easy, but it takes more than just money to do well. You need to be able to distinguish between a good healthy bulb and one that is less so. You also have a wide variety of places to buy bulbs, some which will have expert help and some without.

Varieties of Apple Trees to Grow at Home

Growing sweet, succulent apples at home is a gardener’s dream. Before starting, you need to determine what kind of apple tree you want to grow.

Proper Garden Pruning Tools and Their Care

Gardening can involve lots of pruning. Instead of just grabbing whatever remotely appropriate tool it helps to know, as well to own, the right tool. It’s worth buying good pruning tools, even for the casual gardener, and certainly for the serious one. Here are the main tools I use.

Redwood Garden Bridges – Turning Gardens Into Works of Art

Garden bridges are great pieces of garden decorations that simply bring gardens into life. Any ordinary garden can become impressively attractive with a simple addition of a wooden garden bridge.

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