The Tyranny of Abundance

Attracting Hummingbirds to a Garden

Humming g birds are cute little tiny birds and it is very difficult to spot them due to their size. However, humming birds sing very pleasantly and they can add lovely music to the garden. Have you ever thought why the humming birds visit some gardens and not yours? Well, they do not find what they want in your garden.

How to Design Garden Lighting

Gardens enhance the looks of the house to a great extent and also add to the value of the property. Gardening is passion for some and for some a garden serves a decorative purpose. When you have a garden, you should be able to enjoy it at any time you want.

Vegetables You Can Grow Without Full Sun

Most people think that vegetables need a lot of sunlight to grow. There are vegetables that grow even without full sunlight. There is a basic thumb rule to follow. If you are growing a plant that bears fruits and vegetables, then it needs full sunlight to grow.

Shade Gardening – A Garden Made in the Shade

All plants need sunlight to grow. However, some species prosper in shade too. So, if you have only shade in your garden and would like to grow plants, then shade gardening is the right hobby for you. Determine how much shade you have in the garden by observing the garden at noon. Do you see partial sunlight or complete shade? This would help you determine what type of plants you should choose for the garden.

Organic Vegetable Gardening – Learn the Ideology and You Will Shortly Benefit

You too can do organic gardening at home, but beforehand you should understand the ideology of this. Nature is your associate here because you will be employing only three things to make it all function, namely soil, water and sunlight. The main beliefs at the back of organic gardening are very simple, as you will see. You only have to practice it, so you will surely be able to benefit from the vegetables you have planted just a few weeks ago. Read on to quickly learn the details.

How to Keep Plants Watered While Away

Being away from home for a week or so is common during the holidays. Unfortunately, houseplants left without care may dry out, causing damage or even death. Ensure that your plants stay adequately hydrated by following these tips.

December in the Garden

There is no reason why December should be the bleak, flowerless month it is in many gardens. There are a number of winter-flowering plants and here the Christmas rose holds pride of place. The sculptured white blooms of Helleborus niger, sometimes tinted pink, is a masterpiece, with interesting, hand-like leather leaves.

Counting Down to Spring

Are you looking out the window dreaming of Spring? Are you tired of being cooped up in the house and forced to eat store bought tomatoes? Me too!

Tales of Kale

Since the earliest times Kales and their Brassica cousins have kept us from starvation during the so-called hungry gap of January through to March. These are the least productive months of the year. Kale is perhaps one of the toughest of green vegetables; it endures freezing temperatures and is one of the few vegetables growing in gardens at this time of year. It has been an underrated vegetable for a long time and has only come into vogue more recently.

Cheerful Winter Plants For the House

I am not very good with houseplants. Any green fingers I might have fail me at the door and I have managed to murder many spider plants, money plants and any plant best suited to living inside over the years.

Is it a Tough Welcomed Plant Or an Invasive Weed?

Gardeners love to find plants that are tough, beautiful, hardy, vigorous growers and resistant to pests and disease. But these attributes can be a problem if non-indigenous plants escape from our yards and gardens. Find out what makes a plant invasive and learn about some common ones in your garden that can easily become problems.

Three Top Choice Ornamental Evergreen Shrubs

Certain shrubs add both blossom color and foliage interest in landscaping. The best shrubs to choose are those that are hardy for your region, are fast growing, easily propagated and have some special features that make them stand out. Here are three of my favorites that grow well in my west coast gardens.

How to Grow Your Own Fruit

Grow your own fruit to experience the thrill of of having rich organic food grown in the safety of your home. No fertilizers or chemicals and just plain fresh fruit.

Why Practice Survival Gardening and How it Can Help You Regardless of Tough Times

Gardening is becoming a slowly forgotten skill by the average person. Keeping a garden for survival purposes makes sense. There will already be some food growing and the soil and products to continue to grow more later on.

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