Thereโ€™s Still Time to Plant Flower Fall Veggie Crops from Seed! ๐Ÿ’ช๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒธ


Building Your Own Reservoir to Water Your Plant Within Pots

Watering is the main problem with growing fruits within containers. In this article you will learn how to solve this problem.

Starting a Hobby Farm – A Home Grown Family Business

Starting a hobby farm can begin with something as simple as referencing your own personal experience. Traveling, family history, and even exploring seemingly unrelated hobby interests like weaving or basketry can yield the inspiration to start and run your own hobby farm. Knowing about cultures and history can also help in guiding your hobby farm vision.

Keep Your Soil Healthy – Use Natural Organic Fertiliser

The soil is the most important component of gardening. This is why it is important to know how to look after your soil when planning to put up your own organic garden at home. The better the quality of the soil, the more likely that you will be successful in growing organic fruits and vegetables, which is why it is recommended that you use natural organic fertiliser like fish fertiliser and seaweed fertiliser.

Planning Your Vegetable Garden Planting

You can use this checklist if you are planning a vegetable garden planting as it covers exactly what to do and when, and also looks at what you should take into account when you are planning and planting your vegetable garden. To start with, you should look for a sunny spot. It does not need to be in full sun all day, but should get a good amount of sunlight, as this will give you the best site for a vegetable garden.

How to Grow Organic Fruits Within Your Home

There is nothing like having fresh fruit that is free from chemicals. For the last few years organic fruits became so popular, you can now see them on many grocery shops’ shelf. However, to purchase organic fruits and vegetables can be quite costly.

Points to Know Before Buying an LED Plant Light

A LED plant light can help your plants to grow in the best way. There are many uses of these lights, but when making a purchase, you should not jump in with both feet. Consider types, quality, and prices of these lights before you buy one. Keep reading for more info…

Is it Possible to Grow Orchids on an Artificial Light Source?

Different varieties of orchids require different amount of light. There are some hard-growing orchids that need abundant sunlight. Another one is the soft- growing orchids thrive well on shady areas.

5 Effective Spring Lawn Care Tips

Your lawn has different maintenance needs for every season. When spring arrives, be sure to apply these five specific lawn care tips so that your grass will not only look great during this period but will also maintain its appearance throughout summer and fall.

The Zen of Pruning Tomato Plants

Setting up a new tomato garden? In this article Julia talks about the attitude that hobby gardeners need to have to get the most out of their gardening efforts. She also covers exactly what the aim of pruning is, in a clear and precise manner, and exactly how this benefits the plant.

Pesky Potions – Pesticides the Natural Way

Our Flower Farm loathes pests and insects. Through the years, we have learned a few tricks to get rid of pests the natural way.

DIY Organic Gardening – Growing Tomatoes

Maybe you have imagined with regards to growing tomato plants in your home garden. In the United States of America, there are countless people who enjoy growing tomatoes at home and has become one of their favorite hobbies. Growing tomatoes is usually equally pleasurable and beneficial.

How to Start Caring For Your Orchids the Right Way

The orchid is a member of the most diverse plant family in the world, with tens of thousands of species thriving in the plant kingdom. Orchids can be found growing in all parts of environments like the mountains, in the riverbed, in the forests, and even the bark of trees. Although there is a proliferation of the species, the orchid growers have understood these orchid growing knowledge and have used it to propagate more hybrids of the orchids’ species. Although many growers prefer to buy the full grown orchids than a young orchid, certain types of orchid growers like the…

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