This 1,500lb Self-Watering Raised Bed Is Absolutely Insane

Compost Bin Options

If you’re considering starting your own composting system, or are looking to improve your current composting method, looking into the various composting bins available is a prudent decision. There are all sorts of bins out there – it can be a daunting task to even start looking. Each has their own benefit and drawback, so take each one into consideration and make an informed decision.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Garden Soil

Few of us have ideal garden soil however there are easy ways to improve what you do have. Adding in soil amendments and soil fertilizers will improve the structure and texture of your soil and provide usable nutrients for your plants.

Make Easy Compost

Composting can be a fulfilling and easy activity for people with even a little bit of space in their yard. The benefits are great – you’ll be processing some of your own waste, turning a liability (in the landfill) into an asset (in the garden). Your soil will benefit and reward you with bigger, tastier fruits an vegetables as you continue to recycle waste through the method of composting. Even if you don’t garden yourself, you can always make compost and give it to a neighbor who might need it – once they see your compost, they’re sure to want it!

Grow Tomatoes Upside Down to Save Space and Time

Discover the ingenious practice of growing tomatoes upside down to maximize space and light; while giving yourself more time, ease and comfort. With vertical gardening you can grow tomatoes no matter where you live or how much space you have!

How to Start a Veggie Garden

The growing season is just around the corner, and you’re probably already planning the start of your vegetable garden. You are not the only one. A lot of people have found the joy of gardening and the thrill of growing their own produce.

Greenhouse Kits, Many To Choose From

The popularity of the greenhouse kit has grown steadily over the past few years as the selection of style and sizes has grown. Now the gardening enthusiast can purchase the kit that best suits their needs. Before deciding on the greenhouse kit to buy there are many factors you must take into consideration.

Build Your Own Greenhouse – Things You Should Look For

So you want to know how to build your own greenhouse? How do you choose your own design, the size and where to build? You are a gardening enthusiast who would just love to attend to their plants all year. Being able to grow those roses, vegetables or any other flower makes you happy and helps pass your time. And the fact that you had figured out how to build your own greenhouse and did it just made it that much better.

Gardening Seeds Used in the Vegetable Garden

When purchasing your gardening seeds make sure the packets give pertinent information such as quantity of seeds, freshness, viability, and the planting instructions. One good way to teach children about planting vegetable gardening seeds is to show them how by planting right along side them.

Greenhouse Design – Which One Is Right for You?

As a person who loves to garden, could you imagine never having to worry about the weather? It is pouring rain, or a near blizzard, and you are still growing your favorite varieties of plants life or creating a vegetable garden all in the warmth of your own greenhouse.

Outdoor Planters – Create Attractive Accent

Container gardening has been considered the latest fad in this modern technological era. With its practicality, people have preferred to choose various types of planters to display and decorate both the exterior and interior part of their houses.

DIY Greenhouse

The thought of building a DIY greenhouse would surely have occurred to anyone with any inclination towards greening his or her corner of the earth. Far from being an elaborate project that will have an inexperienced DIY gardener breaking the bank and/or weeping with despair, greenhouse construction can be a straightforward matter once you have considered the following points.

Greenhouse Film Tint

Before you select your greenhouse film you should be aware that not all films are made the same. This is not simply a question of quality, thickness, durability, cost, weight or any of the other many factors you might wish to consider before finally selecting your film. Because, as well as the factors that have already been listed, you will need to consider the optical and thermal properties of the many types of greenhouse film that are currently available.

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