This common “weed” is actually delicious

Why Would I Want to Grow Hybrid Teas?

The hybrid tea ought to be called the flower of lovers. It makes the flawless long-stemmed rose. It flowers repeatedly and can be strong with the correct care. It is the resulting combination of the tea rose and the hybrid perpetual. A hybrid tea is a healthy selection to present to the zest for the way you live, a fantastic gift for a mum, or in order to display on your tabletop.

Worm Bin Or Traditional Pile Composting?

Article summarizes benefits and challenges of both pile and worm bin composting. Also gives resources for more information.

The White Rose is Not Just Another Flower!

Because white is an indication of purity, honor, and innocence, white roses are regularly the sort of flower selected for weddings. They seem to exude cleanliness, freshness, and sophistication. A bush loaded full with white roses is a first-rate sight to behold! One might think of them as having heavenly beauty.

Light For House Plants

Houses are built for people, not plants. By a plant’s standards, houses are too dark, too dry, and often too hot — like sunless deserts. The wonder is that so many plants survive.

Composting Bin Or Compost Pile? How to Decide

Should you use a compost bin, or just make your compost in a pile? Here’s how to decide which method is best.

How to Quickly and Easily Begin Growing Garden Herbs

Gardeners have many different motivations for growing garden herbs. The chef in all of us loves to have fresh culinary herbs ready to go. Since many herbs are quite fragrant these can be placed around the house creating a sense of aromatherapy.

Aquatic Plants – Waterlilies

Of all the aquatic plants that grow in our ponds, it is the waterlily that epitomizes the subject to many people. To my mind there are few plants -aquatic or land-based – to compare with the pure exotic pleasure that a succession of waterlily flowers can bring. Fortunately for waterliliophiles like me, there are plenty of varieties to choose from; the sad thing is that the majority of them grow too big for the small ponds that most of us possess today.

How to Grow and Care For a Jade Plant

Generally speaking the jade plant is simple to grow. This plant is a succulent and native to the country of Argentina. Hot, dry conditions are where the plant will do best. They are natural bloomers, but often do not bloom indoors. At least eight years of growth are needed before the plant flowers.

Gardening Books For Beginners

Man possesses many dimensions in his character, which make him more sensible towards his social duties and responsibilities. Socially, he enjoys certain hobbies that he likes to do in his leisure time. These hobbies are very important in determining the character of the person.

Flowers, Shrubs and Climbers, Plus the Greenhouse at the End of July

The flowers in your garden never leave you alone for a minute, and it’s now the time to sow annual carnations in the border or over-winter and flower there next year. At the height of summer the white, grey, grey-green and pale shades of colour come into their own, and gardeners who appreciate the cool look should make a note of the santolina, cineraria maritima, the white-green zinnia, and the light-as-air gypso-phila, that are more restful to the eye than the hot sunset shades.

Fruit and Vegetables at the End of July

Brussels sprouts attacked by aphids and showing yellowing and distorted leaves, should be sprayed immediately. Daily picking of the runner beans will encourage the plant to crop on until September, and this is important to remember. It is time to sow spinach for winter use.

Clean Water in Your Water Garden? – Testing and Treatment

The most discouraging factor for novice pond-keepers is the murkiness or greenness of the water. It is, therefore, useful to have an appreciation of the science of water, even if you don’t understand it completely. Essentially, green water is the effect produced by millions of microscopic plants – actually algal cells – in suspension.

Use Organic Garden Fertilizer to Better Improve the Quality of the Soil and Plants

Starting your organic garden means that you will be using organic garden fertilizer. By using organic fertilizers, you are able to improve the quality of the soil. In addition, this kind of fertilizer tends to release nutrients which aid the plant to grow better. Some of the best organic fertilizer is not bought at the stores. Also know as “organic gardening compost,” it can come from your household scraps, manure, and decayed plants.

The Basic of Oxygenating Plants in Water Garden

Most books about water gardening include the bit about pond ‘weed’ in the section about pond plants, along with the rather more decorative flowering plants. In reality, however, there is only one real reason to have pondweeds, or oxygenating plants, in your pond, and that is to provide oxygen, which in turn helps to keep the water stable and in good condition.

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