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Growing Freesias

During recent years tremendous strides have been made by raisers in the develop­ment of beautifully coloured hybrids of this popular flower. Many of the older types are still grown and prized for their fragrance, especially Freesia refracta alba Purity, but they do not compare in showiness with the modern hybrids. The earlier a start can be made with freesias the better.

Container Garden Watering Tips

Container gardening beats full scale gardening in a lot of ways. One of them is that your watering is reduced, both in terms of how much water you will use and how much fuss there has to be to get all the plants watered. Still, even though container gardens are easier, water-wise, than in ground gardens, there are a few things you should know for optimal results.

Organic Gardening Books – An Easy Way to Learn a Lot

Organic gardening is not a very complicated field to understand or implement. However, there is lot of misinformation that is floating around. There are also various myths surrounding organic gardening.

Conservatory Activities For Young Children

A visit to your local conservatory can be a wonderful outing for your children. They take a natural interest in the world around them, so do not miss out on an opportunity to encourage their enthusiasm. The longer that sense of wonderment is prolonged the more they will learn and carry with them for life.

Things You Must Know For Gardening

The passion for green plants and flower gives rise to a passion, which is called gardening. The people who have got this passion are called the gardeners. Some people are so much crazy about this passion they make it as a lifetime hobby. But like the other things in life this passion has got its level of highs as well as lows.

Container Vegetable Garden

In today’s economy, one solution to the budget is to engage in container vegetable gardening. Even the smallest apartment or home on a small piece of land has enough space for container vegetables. If you have a patio or window sill or any place to hold a small container, then you have enough room to grow some vegetables.

Building Greenhouses – Accessories Worth Having

There are lots of optional components that you can add to a greenhouse to make it more convenient and also more efficient. Read on and learn about the extras that can make your greenhouse so much better.

Are You Using Organic Fertlizers Or Synthetic Fertilizers?

If you are planning to grow an organic vegetable garden, you will surely use fertilizers to stimulate the growth of plants and also to increase their yield. Here we outline some differences between the use of synthetic and organic fertilizers.

Get Ready For Spring With a Garden Tool Tune Up

Getting ready for spring… It’s coming folks, so get ready. Here are a few tips. Are your gardening tools ready for coming season?

Tips on Growing Roses From Cuttings of My Favorite Bush

Have you ever wondered if growing roses from cuttings was possible? In actuality, roses can root very easily and soon you’ll be able to share your favorite roses with friends and family and enjoy the easy process of making tip cuttings. Keep in mind that it does require some patience because it usually takes about three years for your new rose plant to become fully established.

Common Sense Tips For Transplanting Roses

Transplanting roses is sometime necessary but it’s also a delicate process. If you follow certain steps in this process you’ll be able to change the location of your roses you have in your yard now to an even better location.

Ever Pondered a Produce Garden?

Produce gardens are a style of home gardening consisting of a clever mix of urbanised sustainability and peppered with good old gardening practices – just like our grandparent’s. Have you ever pondered the thought of replacing that tired old lawn and plants with a produce garden? It is certainly a brighter and healthier concept than that dreaded synthetic grass – and not all of us gardeners are blessed with a budget that can afford a designer patio surrounded by vertical hydroponic herbs.

Planting a Garden – An Investment in Your Home’s Future

Planting a garden is an exciting challenge, and offers the homeowner or gardening enthusiast an opportunity to develop the appeal of a property over the long term and take part in an absorbing hobby. There are no hard and fast rules in garden design, but if you’re planting a garden from scratch it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. Here are some ideas to help you find inspiration.

How to Grow Hydroponics Gardening

Hydroponics gardening is a new wave and revolution in a dirt free gardening. As the population has grown and the available space on the earth to grow plants has shrunk and in such a situation, hydroponics gardening has come as a new technique of plant cultivation.

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