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Why an Earth Sheltered Solar Greenhouse is So Efficient

Are you looking for an even more environmental way to stay eco-friendly? Perhaps your best bet would be to invest time and money in an earth-sheltered greenhouse. They’re relatively simple to construct and are especially useful for those seeking an almost all natural option for their year-round plants.

How Plants Survive Winter

The survival of plants in cold weather is due to acclimation, which involves getting several weeks of exposure to near-freezing temperatures before a frost. Plants purposely put themselves in a state of desiccation. They remove excess water from their leaves-in the case of evergreens like rhododendrons and conifers-or from buds and stems. When they are in this self-induced dry state, protection from wind can be a plus.

A Guide For Chrysanthemum Lovers

Chrysanthemums are extremely popular perennials. You can find mums in many different colors plus numerous growths all the way from the small dwarf plants all the way up to the Maxi-Mums which are the biggest chrysanthemums there are.

Simple Guidelines When Buying Rose Bushes

If gardening is your hobby, you might want to consider planting rose bushes as your first plant. However, it is essential to plan first before buying the variety of rose you wanted to plant.

Making a Garden Greenhouse of Your Own Has Incredible Advantages

The advantages of a small garden greenhouse are immeasurable as they are the best way to ensure a supply of fresh plants at very manageable costs throughout the year. To further cut the construction costs, the option of homemade greenhouses allows for the use of materials readily found in your home for the same supply of fresh flowers, fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Getting Orchids to Rebloom – Five Mistakes to Avoid

The popularity of orchids has increased. Florists carry them and so do home stores. A blooming orchid can turn a boring bedroom into a soothing retreat. It is fun to watch the plant bud and bloom.

Keep Your Garden Parties Going After the Sun Has Gone to Bed

Don’t make the mistake of assuming landscape lighting is out of your budget. There are frugal ways to light your landscape and keep your outdoor parties hopping without breaking the bank.

Lime Lawns – Sweet and Sour

Oh what a sight when you turn a corner and there in front of you is this absolutely beautiful yard. Almost makes you want to smile, then your get to your yard and then you become a little, um, depressed? We all want a beautiful yard and we do the best we can but sometimes overlook the actual health of the soil that hold our lovely blades of grass together.

Why the Right Greenhouse Supplies Are So Important to Greenhouse Success

If you’ve decided that today is the day that you’re going to become the ultimate green thumb, a word to the wise, be prepared to put in some work, money, and time. Building your own greenhouses can be as simple or as complex as you desire.

Climate Concerns When Considering Your Back Garden

When you are planning your backyard, it will likely be beneficial to discover the local figures for yearly rainfall, sunshine hours and temperatures, as well as information of any specific climatic influences, such as frost pockets. Climatic variations can be considerable across the region, and will be determined by latitude, elevation and many other local components.

Growing Tomatoes – Tips For Success

When growing tomatoes, there are some tips that will help you keep them healthy and productive. Where to plant them in the garden, how to prune them, and how to water them will make a difference to the crop you harvest. Whether you choose to buy started plants from a greenhouse or start your own seeds is only the beginning of the process of growing tomatoes.

Growing Tomatoes – Getting Started

Growing tomatoes can be very interesting, especially with all the new varieties available. You don’t have to have lots of space to be able to pick your own fresh tomatoes. They are both challenging, and yet easy to grow. When to start growing your tomatoes depends on what your plan is.

Growing Heucheras in the Garden and Landscape

The Heuchera adds punches of color and texture to any garden or landscape. Learn how you can add quick interest to your outdoors with one plant variety.

Cultivating the Anemone

The Anemone are hardy herbaceous and tuber­ous-rooted perennials. The anemones, or windflowers, to give them their popular name, may most con­veniently be considered in three distinct groups-namely, the larger fibrous-rooted species suitable for the herbaceous border, tuberous-rooted kinds principally grown for bedding or to provide cut flowers, and dwarf kinds sometimes partially tuberous-rooted, which are most at home in the rock or wild garden. In the first group the most im­portant species is Anemone japonica.

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