This plant kills pests for you

Harvesting For Worm Composting Made Easier

The good things about worm composting are no longer new to the ears. The simple process and simple effort that it asks from you is no longer new as well. From the organic materials like tea bags, coffee grounds, grass clippings, fruit peelings and a lot more to the simple maintenance of the bedding and more. These are some of the reasons why people get more and more addicted to vermicomposting.

How Do You Grow Seedless Grapes?

Do you love seedless grapes? We know all plants grow with the help of the seeds, but it’s really tempting to have grapes which are seedless. The sweetness of juice is fully felt when there is no seeds. Grapes, the food of gods are of many varieties.

The Best Tree to Start Your Bonsai Hobby

Miniature bonsai trees have always brought smiles and pleasure when viewed. When you walk through a garden store or florist shop with bonsai trees on display, you will see many varieties. Some are flowering and others just have leaves. The best tree to start your bonsai hobby is the Jade tree.

Tips on Creating Your Very First Vegetable Garden

Growing vegetables is a lot of fun and very rewarding. Take these tips, plan your space and your resources and give it a try.

Planning Next Summer’s Vegetable Garden

Even thought the weather hasn’t warmed up yet, it’s never too early to begin planning next summer’s vegetable garden. We’ll explain how a little planning and prep work can lead to great results later in the year.

Euryops – A Fine Small Shrub Or Large Perennial For a Mediterranean Climate Garden

The dry climate gardener should always be on the lookout for reliable and useful plants. There is of course room for the more spectacular species, but it is a mistake, both practically and aesthetically, to try to make every specimen a “winner”. The “steady” plant is also important, and Euryops pectinatus is often one that perfectly fits the bill.

So You Want to Plant a Bonsai Tree? Here Are Some Tips That Will Help You

Growing a Bonsai tree is an art, and there are some techniques that you need to follow so that your Bonsai tree will be successful. People often fail in their first attempt at growing bonsai, as they treat the tree as an ordinary plant, which of course it’s not.

Landscaping For Beauty and the Environment – Landscape Lighting – Part 5b

Consider these elements when designing your lighting plan. Remember the notion that “less is more” – and apply this to your garden lighting. Be subtle and don’t overdo it – you don’t want the place to be floodlit like a used car yard.

Compost Easily Indoors With a Compost Bucket

You can compost your kitchen wastes even if you live in an urban area, or have a smaller yard. The best way to do this is to get a compost bucket. A compost bucket is simply a bucket which resides in your kitchen. You put your compostable food scraps into it and when it is full, you bring it outside to dump into a bigger bucket, dump it into the ground, or leave that bucket outside to cure, while using a new bucket inside.

How to Buy Organic Gardening Books Online

Since gardening is an activity that requires precision, the knowledge and advice that goes with it has to be accurate too. With stress being laid on organic gardening these days, books on the subject always are proving to be a handy tool for someone who is an avid gardener.

Wintertime Birthday Flower Choices For December Through February

Our birthdays are a special moment and so require a uniquely thoughtful present. All of the months have a specific flower the giver can send. In our piece you will find out about the winter season flowers for December, February and January birthdays.

Maximize Your Home Vegetable Gardening Space

Growing up we lived in a 3 bedroom row home in the city and although we did have a backyard, it wasn’t large enough to have the garden my dad had always wanted. What he did do though was take advantage of the space he did have using a few techniques that I am about to share with you.

A Windowsill Herb Garden For Scented Plants

This article provides ideas for planting scented herbs in a windowsill herb garden, which you can have in your kitchen or even in your bedroom. It also mentions some herbs suitable to be grown for their aroma.

Special Flowers For Individuals Who Have a Birthday in the Springtime

Each individual’s birthday is a special part of the year which is special to that person. Just like there are birthstones and astrological signs and a large number of alternate things associated with a person’s birthday there are also flowers for each month. In this writing we talk about the flowers associated with March, April and May.

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