This weird “worm” was digging in my garden bed…

Organic Gardening – The New Amazing Strategy to Eat Healthier and Save Money

Organic gardening is a system that has been practiced by very old civilizations. Just when scientists devised the pesticides and the fertilizers was that we shifted from the old technique. Nevertheless, the results demonstrate that organically developed vegetables contain more vitamins and nutrients compared to usual farming, and planting them yourself will save you money at the same time: you will spend a little more in the superstore. Read on and learn this is a matter of fact.

How to Create a Cozy Winter Garden

Winter gardens (which were use to called orchards as well) have been well known in Europe for ages but recently they’ve became really popular and trendy. The main reason is their attractiveness and increasing availability.

Up on the Roof

Look out your window now and you will probably see all kinds of roofs, houses, offices, sheds, garages, porches, outhouses and stables. Most will be lifeless and unappealing, grey and dull. These areas are going to waste and could be used to create wildlife areas as well as making homes and other structures more environmentally friendly.

Its All About Yew!

The Yew tree, Taxus baccata is an ancient and mythical species of tree which can be found throughout the northern hemisphere. The Greeks, Romans, Celts and North American Indians all made use of this amazing and remarkable tree in the production of tools, weapons and household items as well as using it in religious ceremonies. It is no wonder that this tree has been associated for thousands of years with regeneration, everlasting life, immortality and rebirth and has been held sacred and in high regard by man.

Hydroponics – The Good & Bad

There are a lot of things to think about when delving into the world of Hydroponics. With many advantages and disadvantages to take into consideration, it is best weighing them both up before taking the plunge.

The Joy of Growing Herbs in Pots

Indoor window boxes make ideal locations for growing herbs indoors. Hanging baskets allow you to take your indoor herbs outside for some sun on nice days. Even if these are not handy any empty flower pot or container can host your herb garden. Growing herbs in pots is just as simple as in your outdoor garden.

Choose Fabric Shades This Summer

Sitting in your garden on a summer’s day is wonderful and although the sunny weather hasn’t quite reached us just yet, in a few months time spring will be here. One thing people tend to forget is that the weather does get really hot in this country and when you spend a few hours in the garden on a summer’s afternoon you will need some shade to avoid getting sunburned.

A Grow Tent is Perfect For Growing Plants Indoors

How to easily grow safely indoors without the hassle of building your own grow box. A grow tent is just perfect if you want to start growing plants indoors. It’s very easy to setup and it’s fire and water resistant which makes it very safe for you to grow your own plants indoors.

Growing Raspberries in Your Garden

The raspberry is a member of the bramble family – Rosaceae which also includes Tayberry, Blackberry, Loganberry, Boysenberry. They fruit either in the autumn or the summer and the different types need slightly different pruning. It’s possible to have a long fruiting season with the right choice of plants – all the way from June to whenever the first frost hits.

Help! My Home Vegetable Garden is a Victim of Early & Late Blight

Those brown spots you see on your vegetable plants in your garden are not your plants way of giving you nice colors to look at, they are telling you that your plants suffer from either early or late blight. Here are some remedies for this common cause.

How Take Advantage of the Easy Set-Up Indoor Grow Boxes Or Grow Tents

Indoor grow box systems allow you to build and have control over the environment in which you grow your plants. They can help you avoid the problems that weather and pests produce as well as what nutrients your plants receive.

Grow Tents Help Speed the Growth of Seeds

Growing plants from seeds can be very challenging but cost much less than buying plants that already started. Seeds need a delicate balance of heat, moisture, light and air to germinate.

Dandelions – Pesky Invader Or Nutritional Powerhouse?

Do you dig up, spray or otherwise do your best to rid your yard of the common dandelion? You may just be missing out on one of the most nutritionally packed greens you could grow. Find out more about this common plant that many consider a weed, while those in the know value and grow it.

Extend Your Gardening Season With a Hoop Style Greenhouse

Gardeners have many choices when selecting a greenhouse, and a simple hoop style greenhouse can be the best choice for many. Easy to set up, inexpensive and simple to maintain, these greenhouses can be found commercially or easily built by any handy person. Why not investigate them further if you’re in the market for a greenhouse?

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